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Tuesday 11 December 2018

Physiotherapy and sheeting.

Hello friends and followers.

It has been a busy old day. It began as is normal with a cup of tea in bed whilst watching the BBC news and weather. It has to be said that there is very little good news around at the moment, but hey ho I still like to know what is going on. I finally climbed out of bed just after 8am, and was getting dressed, when there was a knock on the side of the boat. The PVC sheeting I had ordered yesterday had arrived. Excellent service from Allplas. Having completed getting myself dress, I turned my attention to the chores in hand so stoked the fire and put some toast on for breakfast.
At 9.30am we were then off to the hospital, because the OH was having some physio to try and sort out his pain. He had an x-ray back in September, which ruled out his hips being the cause for his pain, although he does have wear and tear on both of them, but was told it was alright for his age. So having been on Ibuprofen for weeks and not really getting any better, he was hoping the physio could show some light on his pain. Having been bent in every known direction, it seems he has an incredibly tight hamstring, which needs working on. So with exercises to do we left the hospital happier than we went in. We have absolutely no idea why his hamstring is doing this, but hopefully it will improve with the exercise he has to do once a day for the next three weeks, we then have to go back to see the physio again.
Back home, with a need for coffee and an early lunch, because we wanted to get the new sheeting on the hold. It is hoped that this will stop the water getting into the Railway room once and for all. We measured, cut and added eyelets to the sheeting, before threading it under the sheeting and down to the gunwale. With the one side done, we then had to turn the boat around to do the other side. By the time we finished it was almost 2.45pm. We winded the boat and got back onto our mooring. Plugged ourselves in and settled down with another coffee. We are both pleased with the new sheeting. We will just have to see if this is the final solution to our problem.
Our railway is coming along so well, it is going to be amazing when it is finished.
After a busy old day, I have no plans to do anything during the evening. I am putting my feet up and watching the TV.

Come on folks, are you ready for Christmas?
Have you done all your pressie shopping?
I am pleased I am done. The only thing to get now is the final bits of food and possibly drink, but that will be done the week before Christmas. I have never been one for leaving it till the last minute, mainly because I hate crowds. Of course Christmas is not all about the presents. It is about spending time with those you love and I do not always mean family, because there are those of us who are not close to our families, through no fault of our own in my case. I count my close friends my family. It is sad when families do not see eye to eye, but sometimes you just have to walk away and make your own way in life. I am fortunate that I am close to the OH's family, but they live a long way a way, so it is difficult for us to see them.
Talking about families, I was recently talking to a close friend who does not see her family and she told me that they have totally wiped her out of their lives. There is no mention of her, not even a photograph is on show. How does she know this, well she is still in touch with a member of her family from a distance. I find this so very sad and yet she is such a gentle soul, who has been dealt a cruel blow by those who gave birth to her and bought her up.
No one should judge anyone, unless they have walked in their shoes for more than one day, because life is cruel and then some.
Christmas is not a happy for some people. Remember to check on those spending their festive time alone this Christmas.

We will see what tomorrow brings.

Pop back soon. xx

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