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Monday, 10 December 2018

Getting closer.

Hi friends and followers.

You cannot have failed to notice that Christmas is drawing ever closer. I am so pleased I am all done. Yes I have bought and wrapped presents, written and posted cards. Then we will blink and it will all be over for another year. We will then dive head first into 2019 and all it has to offer. I am not going to get political, because I really do not think those of you reading this wants to know my opinion on Brexit. But we all know we will be heading either towards Brexit or away from it, if the politicians can get things sorted out once and for all. I will cross each bridge when I get to it in 2019. The one thing I do know is I will live each day, as if it were my last. But first we need to get Christmas out of the way. We may be heading out on the boat for Christmas, a lot depends on the weather. I am not going to go cruising if it is freezing cold, because there is no point and it can be dangerous around locks in the ice. So you will have to watch this space, to see whether we do actually go out cruising.

Since finally receiving our rug, I have certainly enjoyed having it under foot. It has also given the saloon a lovely warming glow, with the Christmas tree lights on. Over the weekend, I put up a few more decorations in the galley, so we are definitely more festive now. All the usual jobs got done on the boat. I had to plug a leak in the sheeting, which was dripping onto Keith's railway. We think we have cured the problem for now, but we have come up with a more permanent solution, which if it works you will hear about it later in the week. If you want to see the railway layout please visit the Railway blog. It is coming along nicely.

Sunday was spent relaxing, watching films and crocheting another blanket. I have always felt that Sunday should be spent doing very little. When I was growing up, Sunday was a day for going to church. I used to be in the church choir when I was younger. These days though people are working, or busy shopping. I am still unsure whether it was a good idea to have shops open on a Sunday. I know it has been a thing since 1994, but I still feel Sundays should be a day for relaxing, to spend with loved ones. I am an old soul at heart.

Today with the weather still all over the place, I walked into town to do a few things, which included having my hair trimmed. I go to a lovely gentleman who takes the ends off my hair for £10. I do not have my hair washed at the saloon, because of allergies to some shampoos, so having a dry trim is brilliant. I cannot believe though how different the prices can be for a dry trim. I have been quoted as much as £30 for a dry trim. I have long hair, so it is literally a matter of taking off the ends, which takes all of five minutes. Anyway Dave does a wonderful job and I do not even need to make an appointment. Hair trimmed, tasks tackled, it was back home to a coffee. The fire was stoked and lunch was cooked and eaten.
I wonder what tomorrow has in store for me?

Pop back soon xx

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