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Friday, 7 December 2018


Hello friends and followers.

What a bloomin saga I have had with the courier service Hermes. If you have been reading my posts you will know that they have been messing me about over the delivery of a rug, which was supposed to be out for delivery on Tuesday, but someone decided it was to big to deliver. The rug is 120cm x 160cm not big at all. Anyway having spent many hours in the cold, online and tearing my hair out, finally this evening the rug arrived.
This morning the delivery time was 11am to 3pm, but after lunch the time went to 1pm to 5pm and I thought oh heck here we go again. I spent hours online yesterday trying to get some sense knocked into Hermes. All's I wanted them to do was ask the driver to ring me when he arrives if the gate to the Arm is locked. I was told that they had done this. So this afternoon, I decided at 4.15pm to don my hat, coat and gloves and go and stand outside and wait and wait. But then suddenly a white van turned into our road and better still into the gateway of the Arm, so I literally ran up the car park waving my arms, so he did not drive off. I said to the driver "I am so pleased to see you". I asked him why he had not phoned me and his reply was "I was not given your phone number". So Hermes lied to me yet again. having asked them five times to give my phone number to the driver, they did not even bother. Thankfully the driver knew where we were, because he had previously worked on the Industrial Estate. But I fear that if I had not been outside in the car park, my rug may well have gone back to the company I purchased it from.
From what I am learning Hermes are not the only ones not doing their job properly. I have been told about DPD and UPS today as well. Why oh why can they not get things right?
I do not get stressed, because there is very little point. I just wish when you ask someone to do something they would do it correctly. I will have to consider if I will ever use Hermes again.
My day has been filled with waiting for this rug, so I have no other news at this time. I am going to take my shoes off and soak my toes into the new rug. I am so very pleased with it.

Pop back soon xx

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