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Friday, 4 May 2018

Day 41. The Festival begins.

Hello Friends and Followers.

After an exhausting day yesterday, we had a fantastic night in the pub with a cottage pie dinner and a couple of pints. To say I was more than ready for my bed was an understatement and I slept so well.
Awake at 6.10am when the first train came through, it was time for a brew and a natter about yesterday's events and what would be happening today.
Having sorted out the animals and closed the boat up, we headed for HQ for instructions on the days events. I was helping with the washing of the tables and chairs, but before we could even contemplate that task, we had to unload them from the van. Keith got on with putting up more tents and we had a couple of coffee breaks in between. I heard from a neighbour that the gentleman who was pulled over by his dog, had broken his hip, so I went into town to buy a card, which we will all sign. Hopefully he will make a full recovery. having done the tables and chairs Carole and I went to get the baked potatoes, which we would be having for dinner. We washed, pricked them and put them in the oven to cook. Paddy the site manager had made a pot of Sausage and Bean Chilli and a Chicken dish, which would be poured onto the potatoes once cooked. I made three trips in all into the town and by mid-afternoon my knees were shot. The site was really taking shape and people were arriving with their stalls etc. The main marque was finished, so the music for the evening could take place. Come 4.30pm the potatoes were finally cooked and so Carole and I dished up dinner for everyone in the tea tent. Just around 5.30pm we got back to the boat to feed mog and dog and to run the generator for an hour.
Come 7.30pm, we walked back to the site, where the music was beginning and the beer was flowing. Meet on the Ledge were tonight's band. By 10pm the site was heaving with people and the bar full. It was time for us to head home and have a last coffee, before trekking off to bed. We have a long day tomorrow.

Pop back soon xxx

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