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Monday, 24 September 2018

Weekend over.

Hello friends and followers.

Well that is the weekend at Tipton done and dusted. We woke this morning to a cold cabin and it was still rather dark out, which meant it was too early to be awake. I checked the clock and it said 6.30am. No point trying to go back to sleep, so I got up and made a cuppa. I also re-lit the back cabin stove, because it was a little nippy around the edges. Keith feels the cold more than I do, so I know he was happy that the stove was lit early doors. By the time we got up sunshine was pouring through the pigeon box portholes, which bode well for the day. Yesterday evening some of the boats left the gathering and this morning it was time for us to set off, but not before Paddy got his walk and was fed. We also had to move the boat moored on the outside of us and moor it back up, because its owner was not coming back to it for a few more days. I still find it rather odd, that you would moor up at a festival and then not be there, but hey ho that is just me.
9am and having sorted the other boat out, we waved everyone left at Tipton goodbye and headed for Factory Locks. They were set against us, so I set the locks and we worked out way down the three locks in lovely warm sunshine.
It was onward.
There were a lot of boats about today and many of them were hire boats out for a last fling, before everything shuts down for the Winter I suspect.
A bot more of the local artwork.
We were once again back in Birmingham.
We went round to Cambrian Wharf first to take on water, get rid of rubbish and empty the cassette. Whilst there, I spotted narrowboat Tawny Pipit II, so went and had a natter with them. We usually see each other but only in passing, so it was nice to have a proper chat for a few minutes, whilst our water tank filled. Also whilst we were there, we met up with Richard Parry the CEO of the Canal and River Trust and had a quick chat with him as he made his way into Birmingham. He always amazes me how he remembers peoples names and he is such a lovely gentleman.
After everything was done, we winded at The Flapper and headed back out to Sheepcote Lane Bridge.
We will be here for a day or two, whilst we visit friends and do some shopping.

Pop back soon xx

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