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Friday, 7 January 2011

Another day in paradise.

Hi Friends from around the world.

I would first like to start off today with saying hello to Marilyn from the US who sent me a lovely e-mail. Marilyn I will get around to replying and thank you for your kind comments.

I had one of those night's when I tossed and turned, which then meant I woke up feeling like I had done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. Which would not have been a good start to my day, because I am not a Tyson fan ;0). I put it all down to my Personal Summer (Menopause), but who really knows. I just knew that waking up stiff was not great. Keith was up first, so whilst he did what he had to do, I riddled the back stove fire, so it could spring into life. I then made us both a cuppa, which we enjoyed in bed. Paddy was stirring in his bed, so we called him through to the back cabin. He leapt on the bed and snuggled down in between us. The problem with Paddy being on the bed, is he is a fidget bottom. Paddy does not know how to lay still. If he is not fidgeting, he is licking, and after a while it can wear a little thin, but he did enjoy a nice cuddle before we were up and about. As we drank our tea, we could hear the rain beating down on the roof, which meant only one thing. Paddy and I were going to get wet on our walk. Not only was it raining it was also snowing and the flakes were huge.
We did indeed have a wet walk along a very muddy towpath, the rain stopped but the snow continued to come down, but there was no chance of it settling properly because the ground was already to wet. The only one's enjoying the weather were the ducks, who were quacking extremely loudly as they were able to now move up and down by our boat now that the ice was melting. Throughout the bad weather, the wildlife has really been suffering. Having only done a quick walk, Paddy was very relieved to be back on the boat in the warm and dry. He has a real dislike to getting wet, which is a little strange for a dog.
The usual boat chores had to be done before decisions were taken on what to do for the day. Along with the usual chores, I did a Spring clean on our minature bathroom, I say minature, because it is only four foot by two foot and in that space we have a shower, basin and toilet. It is very cosy and we do not need to put on to much weight. I guess many would call it a wet room. It is not everyone's idea of a good bathroom, but on our boat it is ideal.
After all how long do we actually need to spend in the bathroom?
By the time I came out of the bathroom it was sparkling. Of course it will not stay like it for long, but for now it looks great.
The snow had then stopped, so we thought we would go into town, because I needed to go to the bank. Having deposited the business money into the bank, we then thought we would just go browsing. I am such a lucky lady, because Keith love's shopping of anysort. We went in the hunt for a small 16" TV, DVD Combo for the back cabin. We did find one we liked in Argos, but typically it was out of flippen stock, and I bet when it is back in stock it will have gone up in price. So we will keep looking. By the time we had looked around all the shops it was lunchtime, so Keith suggested we could have lunch out... Yayyy no cooking dinner for me ;0). Don't get me wrong I love cooking, but it is always such a treat to have dinner out for me. The Indian we usually go to was closed, so we went to the Golden Orchid for a Thai lunch. It was a beautiful lunch and very scrummy. We will be going there again in the future. Having had a cooked lunch, it does mean I do not have to cook for dinner tonight, but I will still have to rack my brains to think of something to eat.
We trudged our way up the hill back to the boat to hear Paddy barking his head off. A police siren was going off and Paddy absolutely hate's them with a passion. According to the vet, he has sensitive hearing (Paddy not the vet) and there is a pitch which hurts his ears, so he goes totally nuts. Whilst going nuts, the Rag Rug's in the back cabin usually end up all over the place and today was no difference and yet he sit's looking at us as if butter would not melt in his mouth.
Coal wise it has been a really quiet day. I have only had one customer, who is stuck above Foxton Lock's and has been coming to me by car. He is ever hopeful of trying to move tomorrow.
I rang my coal supplier to confirm the delivery date and place for next week and was told that fuel prices have gone up with the 20% VAT rise, so as of next week unfortunately my prices will have to rise as well, which is very sad indeed. But there is nothing I can do about putting my prices up, because I am having to pay more for my supplies, like everyone at the moment. To me fuel prices are really daft. Someone is making a hell of a lot of money and it is not me ;0(.
Well as another day draw's to a close. I am going to put my feet up and relax, because I know tomorrow is going to be a busy old day, with deliveries to make to customers. Have a great day and we will chat soon xx


  1. I know what you mean about those nights when you just toss and turn, to be honest I have to get up and have a coffee, and a ciggie. I can't just lay there and hope to go back to sleep.
    I bet you'll sleep well tonight tho.
    PS Love the man photo!!!

  2. Annette.
    It seem's I have a few nights in a month when I cannot sleep properly. My brain will not switch off.
    I know if I get up I will disturb the other half, so I tend to lay there staring at the ceiling and listening to what's going on outside.
    Glad you like the photo, I am gonna find some more hahahaha.


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