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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Vet check's and Ice Update.

Hiya folk's.

It has been a busy old morning.

It all began with a vet visit. Paddy and Marmite were due to have their vaccination's, infact they were overdue, which we knew, but because of us being on the move they had been over looked. But now that we are near Market Harborough for Six months of the year, it is going to be easier to get them vaccinated when we are on our coal run. So at 10.15am we put Marmite in her basket and strapped her to the trolley and Paddy had his lead put on. Poor Marmite was not at all impressed at being wheeled a long the towpath and on pavements, she just meowed her way to the vets. It was definitely beneath her. We tried to keep away from the town, because we did not want to stress her out with the traffic and lots of people. Paddy enjoyed every moment of the mile walk, he was in his element. We arrived at the Town and Country Vets (Click), which is now housed in a purpose built building, which is all very swish and new. After waiting for a few moments we were called into see the vet. Marmite decided she was not coming out of her basket for anyone and held on to her blanket for dear life. What she did not bargain for was the fact that the top comes off of her basket and then she could be lifted out. The vet gave her an MOT check-up and weighed her before giving her the first of her vaccinations. He told us that she is the perfect weight for her size and in very good condition. The same was said about Paddy, who was very happy to be played with as his weight was taken and his heart checked. He weighed in at 15kg which was also perfect. So life on the boat clearly is perfect for our stowaways. Having handed over £50, we then had to make another appointment for 3 weeks times, for their second round of vaccination's. I am not telling Marmite she has to go through the process all over again.
I took Marmite and Paddy back to the boat, whilst Keith collected our mail and informed Deb that we would be taking on a coal delivery next week. Deb had been out to see if they could retrieve their hireboat, but the ice is still to thick. When Keith got back we had a discussion about whether to go on the electric hook-up Tuesday night, ready for our coal delivery Wednesday morning, which I thought was a great idea, because I need to get some serious washing done. So I legged it down the towpath to the office to hand over 50 pence before the office closed for the day. Deb and I got chatting about the ice and when would we be moving. Apparently the British Waterway's patrol officer walked from Kilby Bridge to Foxton yesterday and the canal was still frozen solid. So not moving yet that way. Then on the way back to the boat I was told that a British Waterway's boat had moved from Foxton towards Norton Junction, they had only moved 1 mile and it took them 3 hours. Everyone here that wants to move, has decided it is not worth the bother just yet.
Having delivered some coal to a customer who comes to collect by car, it was time for lunch and a coffee. The afternoon seem's to be flying by and I now have to have a tidy up, because my dear friend Tina is coming to visit, she has just text me to say she is on her way. So I will bid you a good afternoon.
Chat soon x

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