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Thursday, 20 January 2011

It's a beautiful day.

Hi Friends from around the world.

As yesterday drew to a close and the sun began to set, I just had to go and photograph it as it set over the canal near Laughton Hill. As the sun went down the birds got quieter and quieter and a stillness descended over the canal. It was as if the day had begun to shut up shop. The day may have been drawing to a close, but I still had plenty of things to do. I had dinner to think about. I made us Lemon and Chilli Chicken with Rice and to go along with that we had a Garlic and Butter flatbread. Next came the washing up, before sitting down to a cup of coffee. With the Indiana Jones film on BBC1 at 8pm, I wanted to get all the other jobs done before then so I could actually sit down and watch the film, so both fire's were stoked up for the night by 8pm, all tidying up was done by 8pm. I caught some of the One Show on BBC1, the guest was Ruth Jones from Gavin and Stacey, she was on the show to promote her role as Hattie Jacques. As lovely as she is Ruth that is, what did annoy me was the fact that she sat on the sofa with her legs curled up beneath her and she kept her boots on. I find that very rude, because someone else will be sitting on that sofa after her. I was always taught to take my shoes/boots off, if I wanted to put my feet on the furniture. Standards really are dropping. I would have thought she would have known better.
Jobs all done, it was time to sit back and watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Sean Connery plays Harrison Ford's father. Ok the film is not the best, but I do love all of them. Keith dropped off to sleep, as he does most evening's, so I was left watching it alone.Before turning in for the night to watch the film, I looked out of the galley window and even at 8pm it still looked very light outside, so whilst I went for the ash bin which stood on the back counter of the boat, I stood for a few minutes and watched the night sky which was clear as a bell. The stars were shining brightly, I could clearly see The Plough, Orions Belt and the North Star. I thought the moon looked so beautiful with its reflection on the surface of the canal that I just had to photograph it.
After the film it was time for bed. I went off to bed and left Keith to turn out the lights and switch off the TV. By the time he climbed into bed, I was snuggled down ready for a goodnights sleep.
Thursday Morning.
Despite the temperature getting down to -4.6c overnight, the back cabin was nice and cosy as we drank our early morning cuppa in bed. The topic of conversation this morning was, how the new trust status for the Waterway's is going to work. I guess only time will tell on that count, we also chatted about the Waterway projects which may go by the way as money becomes tight. Keith and I have some meaningful conversations whilst drinking tea in bed. Marmite came and paid us a visit, she was wondering if she was going to get any breakfast. Like all cats, she only cares about herself. Mind you a lot of people are like that as well ;0)
Outside Laughton Hill was covered in a blanket of heavy frost, anyone would have thought it was Winter. It was all very picturesque, even the birds were singing the praises of this wonderful scenic setting.Paddy and I enjoyed a lovely walk in the fresh morning air. There is something wonderful about walking on a frosty morning. The air always seems so fresh and new, as if you are the first to breath it in. Paddy always loves the dry and crisp mornings, because it means he does not have to get wet feet ;0).
After breakfast, Keith and I took up the back cabin floor to check the oil in the gearbox. On taking out the dipstick it was clear that the oil well was dry, so Keith poured in some new oil. That should make the gearbox much happier for a while.
10.25am we untied the boat and slipped our overnight mooring, with a view to getting to the top of Foxton Locks. no sooner we set off, we came across four fishermen, who were braving the cold to catch the biggest fish. One of them was pouring out a hot drink and by the looks of him he needed it, he looked frozen.
The sun was beginning to warm the air and thaw the ice on the canal. There was only a thin layer of ice on the surface of the water, but I could still hear the crunching sound as it hit the bow. We made the top of Foxton by 11.30am and I stepped off of the boat to walk down to the lock moorings to see if there was any space for us. I was pleasantly surprised to find there was enough room. The other boats that were moored up had been there for sometime and were clearly not in any hurry to move. With us moored up, I contacted customers to let them know where we are, so they can place their orders for fuel, which we will deliver tomorrow when we go down the flight. I like to let customers where we are, so that if they need coal we can supply them. To me it is all about customer service and treating customers properly.
Personally I address friends with Hi and people I meet for the first time with Hello. Just me being quirky I think. Funny the things you think about. Orders all sorted out, I washed the boat cabin down, then warmed the remainder of the boatmade Chicken and Veg Soup for lunch.
As the afternoon wears on, I will have to yet again think about tonight's dinner. I have a feeling it will be sausages and mash, but we will see.
I am going now before I bore you to death, so chat soon xx

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  1. What lovely photos :)

    I'm catching up a little on the blogs today as have some time off work.

    Hope you are both well x


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