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Friday, 28 January 2011

Below zero and woolly jumpers.

Hi Friends.

It was a very cold night last night. When we woke up it was -5c and there was a thin layer of ice on the canal again. I made sure I put on more layers for our journey from Welford Junction to Crick.A long the way we saw workmen cutting back the hedges and banks and a very good job they were making. It is so nice to see everything cut back properly. As to whether they will keep it up throughout the Spring and Summer we will have to see.
At Mountain Barn, we stoppped to supply three customers with their coal orders and as always had a nice natter.
Whilst on the move I made us toasted Crumpets for lunch with Butter and Marmite (not the cat) spread on them and they were very yummy.
We had a really pleasant journey and met up with Four other boats on the move.
Having moved through Crick tunnel we were back out into the open countryside and saw plenty of Lambs. Two weeks previous we had only seen a couple of lambs in the same field, but now there were hundreds. They certainly needed their woolly coats. This field of Sheep made me giggle as they were playing follow my leader. I just hope the leader knew where she was going. There is something very cute about watching Lambs feeding from their mum, with their little tails wagging behind them. We eventually moored up at 2.45pm and immediately began supplying coal to our customers, who knew were were arriving today. It is always nice to be welcomed. We will be staying here all weekend, and hope to supply other people with coal as they are passing.
I hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for popping in.

Chat soon xx


  1. It has gone cold here again, (worcs) with a little bit of snow as well.
    Have you any heating on the boat?
    What do you use?
    sorry to sound a bit ignorant about this but I have never been on one and wondered how you manage in the cold winter.
    Love the pictures, do you take them?
    They are very good.

  2. Hi Annette.

    We are fortunate to have two coal stoves. One in the back cabin, which I cook on and we have a smaller coal stove in the saloon, so we are never cold.
    Both stoves use coal and wood and as we are a coal boat we will never go cold. I use smokeless coal on the saloon stove and ordinary housecoal on the back cabin stove.
    If you have proper insulation you are never cold on a boat. Many boats these days have diesel or gas heating, but it is an advantage to have a coal stove as a back up in case the diesel or gas one packs up.
    I do indeed take all the photographs on my blog. I love taking pics everyday.
    Thank you for leaving me a message. xx


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