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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Icing Sugar and a fancy bra.

Well hello readers.

With the promise of snow last night. I was quick to peek out of a port hole this morning, in a hope that we had a mountain of snow. I was bitterly disappointed to find we had a Icing Sugar sprinkling of snow on the canal overnight, the temperature got down to at least -5c so all the thawed water was frozen once more. All's I knew was it was cold. Marmite definitely thought it was cold, because she slept on the bed overnight and when we woke up, she crawled beneath the covers for extra warmth. The cabin was not really cold, because the stove was still going. I got up and raked out the ash and opened up the fire to get it roaring, in no time at all the heat generated from the stove was moving around the cabin and everyone felt snug once again. With it being 8am, I thought a hot cuppa in bed would not go a miss and it meant Marmite got an extra few minutes under the duvet. She was of course none to impressed when the bed had to be rolled away for the day.
I wrapped up against the cold wind to go outside, as I am still coughing like a fog horn. Paddy is always up and ready for his morning walk. This morning it was along a crispy towpath, which makes for much easier and cleaner walking for the both of us.
Keith is fighting his cold off, but he did lay up breakfast whilst I was out. Breakfast was nothing fancy, just Rice Crispies with milk and sugar. We cannot have a cooked brekkie every morning, my waistline would never allow it.
After making up both fire's and doing a few chore's, we wrapped up against the cold and headed down into the town. Keith had to take his laptop back to the shop as it had developed a problem, which of course did not show when we switched the thing on in the shop, so they have kept it in a hope of sorting the issue out. If they fail to find the problem it will have to go back to Dell.
I wanted to go and get my bra size checked. Ok guy's if your blushing from reading the word bra, it is time to turn to the next blog for a bit ;0). In Market Harborough they have a new bra shop called the Little Bra, Big Bra shop, they have been open for a few months, so I thought I would give them ago. I never realised that bra's could cost so much. I am so used to going to the like's of Peacocks or M&S for my bra's, so was shocked to see prices such as £60+, but I guess you get what you pay for. I was correct in thinking my size had changed, which must be down to all the bags of coal I hump around the place. So with a brand new expensive bra in a very pretty bag, I walked out of the shop feeling rather ill at having spent over £30 on a bra in the sale arghhhhh. All future bra's will be from M&S etc I expect, unless it is a special occasion.
Whilst on the subject of bra's. Congratulation's to Kylie Minogue who has been Cancer free for Five Year's. Kylie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2005 and underwent treatment to beat the disease (Click).

After all that expense we went to the indoor market for a mug of Coffee which only set Keith back £1.60 no VAT on food thank the lord.
For sometime now we have been wanting to buy the DVD Avatar, but the price was always to much or they had sold out, but today we did finally find a copy in Blockbuster, allbeit the directors edition, which has all the bells and whistles on it, which of course neither of us are really bothered about it. I just want to watch the film, I am not interested in the bits they left out, or how the film was made. To me that is just a good way of making people pay more. Anyway we now have the DVD and are looking forward to watching it, when there is nothing else on the TV.
By the time we had done everything we needed to in the town it was lunchtime, so we headed back to the boat, where I did us Cheese on Muffin's. No sooner that had been devoured along with a Coffee, there came a knock on the door for some coal. Two customer's arrived at once for fuel, so Keith and I unloaded the purchased coal and I wheeled it to their vehicles. I then supplied another boater moored in front of us, they are both suffering like so many with the flu and therefore are feeling poorly. So much for a happy festive time for many.
With all coal deliveries done, I am now having to think about taking on more coal, because the hold is getting a little empty again and if this cold weather starts up again in ernest we will need to be full. Whilst I deliberate on what to order, I am going to get myself another Coffee and see what is on the TV. Dinner is in the back cabin stove, so all is well in my world today. I hope your day has been as good.
Chat soon xx


  1. Yes I like the snow as well. I couldn't get to work one day last week
    We should ahve some more soon if the weather men are right.

  2. Hi Annette. The forecast for this week is mild, but I have a feeling it will not last.
    I just need to decide whether to make a move, when the ice has thawed or stay put. We are expecting wintery showers today ;0).
    Have a lovely day x


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