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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Deliveries and sales.

Hello Friends.

We had a slow start to our day because we had to wait for a Tesco food delivery to arrive, which was due between 11am and 1pm, so the morning began with a cuppa in bed and a discussion as to what we will do when in dry dock in May. For those wondering why we are going into dry dock. Our boat needs to have her hull blacked at the beginning of May and to do this you can either have the boat lifted out of the water by crane and put out on to the bank at a boat yard, or you can move the boat into a dry dock. Of course it is not dry when you move the boat in, the water has to be pumped out of the dock, this then creates a dry dock where you can work on your boat. Keith and I always black the hull ourselves, which is not particularly hard work if you know what your doing. When we get to that day I will post photograph's and an explanation. Discussions then moved on to where we would go after we finish our Winter coal run at the end of March. I suggested that we should go down to Braunston, as we need to get a few bits from Midland Chandlers for the boat, this will only take us a few days, we can then come back up on to the Leicester Line to wait for our dry docking. Whilst we were chatting Marmite was making it quite clear she wanted us to get up, because her food dishes were empty, so we obliged and rolled the bed up and closed the bed'ole door for the day. Keith laid up breakfast, whilst I raked out the back cabin stove fire. I needed to leave the bottom door open to get the fire going as it was a little dead. Breakfast eaten Paddy was next to get my attention. He was quick to get ready for his walk and was sat by the back doors with his tail wagging. No sooner we were up the towpath he did what he needed to do and then legged it back to the boat for his breakfast.

Whilst waiting for our food delivery, which by text I was informed would be between 11am and 12 noon, Keith went on the online to the Gildings Auction Room (CLICK) site to listen and watch today's auction taking place. We had interest in the auction, because Keith had placed two Beatles records into the auction, but because we were lot two hundred and three he had a long wait (CLICK). We did not expect to get much for the LP's, but we did not see any point them laying on the boat going to ruin. As it turned out Keith got £35 for the pair, which was much more than we expected. Of course he has to pay commission, so he will end up with about £29, which is still great and the records will have gone to a good home we hope.

I am still struggling with the cold I developed back before the New Year. I do not feel ill, because if I did I would be down at the doctors quick smart, I just wish I could get rid of the cough I have been left with. I wake up in the morning coughing like I have been smoking all night long. I have a dreadful feeling I am stuck with it now until the weather warms up grrrrr. If all else fails I will visit the GP to see if there is anything he can do, just in case it has caused an infection.

With auction over, we slipped our mooring in the rain and set off through Foxton Swing Bridge to deliver coal to a customer. That bridge is a pain in the rear even though it has been fixed. I am no weakling, but I still struggle with it.
Coal delivered we cruised to Bridge 14 and the Union Canal Society Moorings, which is where we will be staying for the night. The rain has stopped, leaving a very dull afternoon. I am not sure what the rest of the day will bring, but I am quite happy to put my feet up until dinner time. Then I will be busy again with the usual mundane things that us women have to do, so I will sign off now and wish you a lovely day.

Chat soon xx

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