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Saturday, 1 January 2011

I said Goodbye.

Happy New Year friends old and new.

How was your New Year Celebration?
Are you suffering with a hangover?

I managed to stay up and say Goodbye to 2010, and wonder what this New Year will bring, not just for me but for everyone.
Not only did I say goodbye to 2010 the year, I also said goodbye to a lot of my negative thoughts, for 2011 is a new beginning, not just for me but for everyone.
I was actually surprised I managed to stay up to see Big Ben strike midnight, but I guess having been in bed till 11am, I was not tired. I watched Elizabeth, The Golden Age on ITV1 and then switched over to BBC1 to await the countdown. Now normally we would celebrate with a tot of Whiskey, but as I have been on very sort of tablet known to man for the flu, it was not advisable to drink Whiskey, so as the clock struck midnight and 2011 was welcomed in with a huge Firework display in London, Keith and I wished each other a Happy New Year. We did not even exchange a kiss, because I really do not want to be the one who gives him the lurgie. The kissing will will have to wait until I am no longer a threat. Having watched thousands of pounds worth of fireworks go up in smoke, we headed off to bed.
I woke at 7am, having enjoyed a fabulous nights kip. I again said "Happy New Year" to Keith and by 8am we were up and the kettle was on the stove. Up and about I feel pretty human today, so it was back to the usual boat chores. Funny how no sooner you feel better, you settle back into the old routine. I made up the back stove first, then walked Paddy. It was really nice to get some fresh air, having been cooped up for three days. Keith cooked us both a breakfast of Poached Eggs and Bacon on Toast, which to me tasted of nothing much, as my taste buds have gone on holiday. Still it looked lovely on the plate and certainly filled an aching space in my tummy.
After washing up the breakfast things, I made up the Saloon stove and then decided to have an early Spring clean. My storage cupboard for all my tat was bursting at the seams, so it was time to empty it out and chuck away the rubbish. With a dustbin liner filled up, the cupboard now looks bare, which I bet will not take me long to refill it. Next job was to fill the water tank, so whilst Keith went off to post some letters, I got the hose out, and set everything up to fill the tank. Whilst I left the water flowing into the tank, I did some hand washing of the shirts and blouses we worn over Christmas. I am loathed to put them in the washing machine incase the colours run and they get ruined. After an hour, I went and checked on how the water tank was filling. I stood on the bow and filled my lungs with the fresh air, which of course then made me cough my lungs up. Anyone would think I smoked Forty fags a day. Standing alone on the bow, with only the bird song to keep me company, I got to thinking about what I wanted from 2011. I of course want the usual things, good health and happiness and after that anything else will be a bonus. Water thank filled to the brim, I wound up the hose and stowed it away back in the engine room.

As it is New Year's Day, we are closed for business, but that does not stop people asking if we are open and if not when will we be. I am opening again Monday, because hopefully by then I will be able to hump coal bags around without coughing and wheezing.
Lunchtime is now upon us and I have Sausage Rolls in the back stove cooking and the kettle is on the boil for a Coffee, so I am going to shut down the computer for another day.
Chat again soon I hope xx

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