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Friday, 16 March 2012

Already to go ;0)

Nothing new, we were as always awake early, so I got up and made us a brew, which was as always enjoyed in bed. Marmite saw fit to come and play on the bed with me, she loves nothing more than diving beneath the crocheted blanket and attack my feet.

On getting up and dressed Paddy was next to get my attention before breakfast, he wanted walking and was eager to go out, not that he was desperate for a wee. On returning to the boat, breakfast was enjoyed, before Keith set off up to Kuranda to see if they had done our battery cables and to see if our new trip switch had arrived. The cables were made whilst he was there and the trip switch arrived whilst he was enjoying a cup of tea. After discussions with Brett on how to set up our new battery monitor, he got back to the boat just before lunch.


Whilst Keith was away, I got on with cleaning and tidying, I also did a wash whilst the generator was running to charge the batteries. I then got on with making a Victoria Sandwich for something else to do, as our cake box was empty.

After some lunch, we got on with the job of adding the two new battery cables to connect the new battery monitor up, this took us at least a couple of hours with all the fiddling about we had to do with other cables etc. Messing around in the oily bilge is probably not for everyone, but I am not one for having manicured nails or clean clothes, so I was happy to get down and dirty. After a lot of ups and downs, we got it working and Keith was able to follow the instructions into how to set the dial up. We have set the monitor to zero, but also have to do another setting once we have charged the batteries to full, which will be when we do a long day. I bet reading this you can tell, it all went pretty much over my head. I do take an interest, because I need to know how these things worse in case I have to sort them out myself. It pays to know all there is to know about your boat, don't just leave it to the man in your life.

With the job done, the floor and the flooring back down, I then redressed the back cabin with the three rag rugs, stool and coal box. To my surprise the back cabin stove was still hot, I had not made it up this morning because I knew we would be down in the bilge, so to see if the fire had any life in it still, I cleaned out the old ash, opened the bottom door and hey presto it sprang into life, ready to cook dinner later.


I felt that after the work we had done down in the bilge, we deserved a coffee and a slice of the Victoria Sandwich, I baked earlier. I have a feeling this will not last long.

It is now 3.40pm and I am now thinking about dinner time, it will then be time to feed mog and dog, after that I will have the fores to do and the bed to make up.

Tomorrow we should be on our way again, so keep your fingers crossed.

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