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Friday, 23 March 2012

Middlewich to Winsford Top Flash.

Map image

Travelled 2.4 miles, worked 1 lock in a time of 1 hour 5 minutes.

For some strange reason I woke up thinking it was Saturday and I have not been able to shake that thought. Awake early with a cup of tea brewing whilst we watched a little TV in bed. Marmite was doing all she could to get our attention, which meant only one thing, her food dishes were empty. Of jumping on us, does not get our attention, she resorts to clawing at the curtains, this still does not have the desired affect, because she does not rule the roost. Eventually it was time to get up, take Paddy for his walk and then both he and Marmite got their breakfast. Marmite never lets you forget that she feels neglected, she will whinge on and on.

Keith and I took and early walk into Middlewich, to see if we could remember any of it from 2002, which was when we were last there, this was when we hired NB Holly from Middlewich Narrowboats, so I could see if I was going to enjoy life afloat, because unlike Keith who had been around the water for many many years, this was to be my first time on a boat and on the canal. That first day I worked 27 locks in the pouring rain, as we worked our way to Stone to see Roger Fuller about building Hadar. I think Keith hoped secretly the weather and the work would have put me off, but not a bit of it I was in my element and loved every moment of it and still do. The only thing I recognised was the church, but nothing else came to mind. We went into Tesco to get a few bits, before heading back to the boat.


We left Middlewich at 10.00am, all the moorings along that stretch were so very quiet, there were only two other boats moored on them. At Stanthorne Lock a boat was already descending the lock, so I stepped off of the boat and walked up to give them a hand.


Alongside the lock was this holly bush with all its berries, which is a little surprising at this time of year.

At Bridge 22A, we went under the main London to Glasgow electric railway line, before stopping above Winsford Flash, where there are lovely 48 hour moorings.


Once the boating season starts, these moorings will be very busy purely because of the view. At this time of year the view of the flashes is really beautiful, because the leaves on the trees are not out yet.


All moored up, doors and windows open, Keith went off to collect all the litter which has been left at this beauty spot. What makes people want to dump their rubbish at such a beautiful place???


The trees and bushes have leaf buds on them and the Lesser Celandine is out in flower. The sun is out and it is very warm this afternoon. If it continues like this over the weekend, I will be getting some painting done.IMG_7063

At the moment Marmite is lounging outside in the sunshine and Paddy is laying on the back counter. I have done a wash, had lunch and cooked Pork Chops for tonight's dinner. It is now time to sit back and enjoy a beautiful afternoon.

Chat soon x

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