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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Getting restless.

On the whole I am a patient person, but after a few days I begin to feel the need to move. But because we are waiting for some battery cables and a trip switch from Kuranda, we are staying in Bugsworth Basin until at least Saturday, after that we will review the situation. The people at Kuranda have been holding training days since Tuesday, so have been unable to sort out our bits. Keith has done all he can do with the rewiring of the batteries and the fitting of the battery monitor, what we need now is the other cables and for someone from the company to come out and set it all up. Today I have really felt the need to be on our way, it is the wandering spirit in me I guess. I like to be on the move.

This morning we were wake early enough to have a cup of tea in bed and watch a little TV, before I got up to walk Paddy, then to feed both him and Marmite. Keith and I then had our breakfast, before I got on with the morning chores, which included washing another of the crocheted blankets by hand. I also drained the Gammon joint which had been cooling overnight. This we will be having for dinner tonight. With the low cloud cleared and the sun out, I thought I should clean the outside brass again, ready for it to rain the weekend. After that it was lunchtime and time for another coffee, before I headed off with a bag to collect stick for the back cabin stove. My bucket had got very low and so off I went bag in hand. I was only got about 15 minutes, because I found a nice spot with lots of twigs, ideal for making up the stove at night, because they have forecast some cold nights over the next couple of days. I am seriously running out of jobs to do now. I cannot change my back cabin winter curtains yet, because we still have the stove going, I cannot start on painting the saloon and galley because we have the saloon stove going, so I will have to find other jobs to do.

As you will see from my previous postings, British Waterways has now announced the restriction list for the areas which are still suffering from a water shortage. We knew that the restrictions were coming in and that is why we set off north early. It is seriously going to affect some peoples cruising plans this year, but everyone was warned last year when restrictions were put in place. It is now up to everyone to play their part and to abide by the restrictions. So sharing locks where possible is something everyone can do on the double locks. Do not turn a lock round when another boat coming can use it first. It is all common sense stuff. Already the blame game has begun on whose fault it is for this situation. I can see no point in blaming anyone, when we all know that the areas affected have had any proper rain for at least the past 2 years to my knowledge. Shouting the odds will not help, it is up to everyone to do their part in trying to conserve water.

Happy Cruising.


  1. HI Jo,
    These restrictions must be really worrying for the cruise companys and people like yourselves that earn a living on the cut. I do hope it does not effect them too much, it would be a disaster if these companies went under simply because of the lack of rain. I guess the impact on the camals would be ireversable if they fell into dissuse through lack of water.

    Let hope and pray the rains do come soon, personally I'd happily give up the summer sun for this year if it meant the water levels could return to normal again.

  2. Hi Steve. It is serious for all concerned no matter what your lifestyle or business is on the or near the waterways, it may also affect the boat rallies this year. But if we get some prolonged rain it would really help. I cannot see that happening, but who knows if we all do a rain dance it may happen. The impact is also on the fish and wildlife, many forget about that side of it. None of should be selfish enough to think I am alright jack, sod you, because this affects everyone.

  3. Hi JO,
    I agree 100%. Tell you what I'll wash the car, that usually does it. One wipe of the sponge and the heavens always open up and it pours down. LOL


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