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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Beeston to Chester.

Map image

Travelled 11.1 miles, worked 7 locks in a time of 5 hours.


After another frosty night, we woke up to a stunning sunny morning with a fabulous view.

We were already for the off at 8.45am, with a view to getting close to Chester.


We descended Iron Lock and past Chas Harderns, where Chas was busy working on one of his boats, so we had a quick chat as we past by.


I waved to the gentleman in the signal box.


The deer were out on the deer farm.


We got our first glimpse of Beeston Castle a former Royal Castle.


It was built in the 1220s by Ranulf de Blondeville, 6th Earl of Chester, (1170–1232), on his return from the Crusades. It has a long and exciting history. We hope to walk up to it one day. Past bridge 114 Nixons Bridge, there this about a mile and a half of boats moored on the offside. 6 years ago when we were last this way, a lot of them had no licence or an out of date licence, that has changed, every boat was up to date, so someone has done their job.


This made me giggle as we made our way towards Chester.


We had thought of stopping at Waverton, but it was only 11.30am, so decided to carry on into Chester, which meant I had 7 double locks to work. I was a little fortunate because some of the locks were in our favour.


Chemistry Lock which was my second to last lock of the day.

As we came out of the last lock Hoole Lane Lock, the floating restaurant boat.


It was then onward to the moorings at Tesco.


An RSPCA man was in action fishing three ducklings out of the canal.


I do not know why he was doing what he was doing, but maybe the parents had left them.

We found a mooring behind the Mecca Bingo Hall at 1.45pm, we tied up and the kettle went on for a much needed coffee and I made us both a bacon sandwich.

After a late lunch we thought we would take a stroll into Chester to get our bearings.


I can see I am going to love Chester with its beautiful buildings. We are now back at the boat and the police helicopter is flying overhead so something is amiss. I am off now to feed mog and dog, plus feed ourselves, so I will post more tomorrow.

Chat soon.

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