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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Cat and a kettle box.

Having been on the move for days, it was nice to be moored up for a couple of days, especially as we are back in Hadar's birth place and we have many good friends here. This morning I went shopping with Tina my very good friend. We walked into Stone and had a coffee and a proper catch up natter. It had been almost a year since we chatted in person, but we are always in touch via text or e-mail. Having enjoyed a coffee and a chat, we went into Morrison's to get our food shopping done. Tina was about to drop me off as close as she could get to the boat, when Keith appeared to help me with my bags, he must have read my mind, because I was thinking of phoning him to give me a hand. On returning to the boat I out all of the shopping away and suggested we go and give the Star Inn another try. The last time we ate there the food and service was dreadful, but this time although pretty busy for a lunchtime, we were served quickly with two pints of Pedigree and our food order was taken at the same time. Having sat at our table near the lock our steak and ale pies with chips and peas arrived and it looked very nice for two meals for £8. The meat in the pie was nicely cooked as was the pastry and the chips were very nice. In all I have nothing bad to say about either the meal or the service. After lunch we walked into the town to check out the Farmer's Market and to see who was about, we met up with people we know promoting Stone in Bloom, in particular Jill who we first met when I was the photographer for the Food and Drink Festival, Jill was one of the organisers of the event.  having showed our support to Stone in Bloom, we carried on browsing, we spotted a whistling kettle in the window of Baileys DIY. Our old kettle had given up the ghost, so we were looking for a new one. This one was much more than we would usually pay for a whistling kettle, but having bought two new ones in the past four years and they had broken, we decided to go more expensive.


The kettle is a lot bigger than our old one, and there are no plastic bits on the whistle, so fingers crossed we do not have to use the 10 year guarantee. Having taken the kettle out of it's box, Marmite decided she liked the look of it.


No sooner the kettle was on the stove, Marmite was in the box checking to see if she could fit. No matter what the box or bag, she has to climb into it.

The TV is now on and we are watching "Capricorn One", that is going to be it for my day I think, apart from doing the usual daily chores which must be done throughout the day.

Chat soon.

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