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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Busy few days.

Sunday evening we had had dinner and had watched "Dancing On Ice". "Wild at Heart" was part way through when at 9pm there was a knock on the door. Brian off of Historic working boat Alton came a calling to see if we would like to join him and Ann Marie in The Navigation Inn for a drink. Not one to turn down an invitation like that, we quickly put on our boots and coats and legged it up to the pub where we found Ann-Marie, Brian, and Tracy and Frank off of NB Cuthbert, who are moored opposite us. Also joining us was George and Irene, who own Sandbach, which is up for sale and now have ex FMC Josher Badger. We got to try out some local Buxton beer Moor Top, which has an interesting flavour. It was a very enjoyable evening, with lots of chatter and laughter. The time seemed to fly and before we knew it, it was 11.45pm and we were on our way back to the boat in the fog. We said our goodnights to everyone as we all went our different ways.

Monday 12th March had a dull start to the day with very low cloud covering the hills. We were up early because Keith wanted to walk up to Kuranda to discuss our electric issues with Brett. I went off and walked Paddy around the basin, passing Alton which was all very quiet.


Keith left the boat at around 8.30am, so I got on with some cleaning jobs whilst he was gone.


Working Boat Alton came into the lower basin to supply customers requiring goodies, we will meet up with Ann Marie and Brian again along the way or at Ellesmere Port at Easter.

Keith was gone for a while, but when he returned he had a Battery Monitor in his hands, the Victron Energy Battery Monitor BMV 602S is supposed to calculate ampere-hours consumed and the state of charge of a batteries. After a coffee, we stripped the flooring out of the back cabin and the work began to put this system in, we then hit a snag, which goes completely over my head, Keith could find no solution, so we closed the boat up and walked back into Whaley Bridge to go and see Brett again to ask his advice. Diagrams were drawn and a solution found, more battery cables were needed, which they are going make up for us. Back at the boat, Keith continued with his rewiring, until it got to 4.30pm when I suggested he stop for the day, as it was getting cold and dinner needed to be cooked. I think Keith's old brain cells were also a little frazzled, not to mention the legs after all the walking. Dinner was enjoyed as was a well deserved hot show, we then settled down to walk some TV until 9pm, when I was to tired to sit up any longer, so we both hit the hay.

Tuesday 13th March started as another dull morning. It was all so quiet here in the basin, with boats left whilst people have gone about their day. We seem to actually be the only ones on our boat. Breakfast and a cuppa were enjoyed in bed, I was then up and off the boat with Paddy by 7.30am for his walk around the historic basins.


Keith made an early start on rewiring the batteries to the Battery Monitor, so I got on with repairing one of our crocheted blankets. By 10.30am Keith was all done, after lots of huffing a puffing, due to tools falling in the bilge, which is very oily and greasy. With that job out of the way for now, the generator went on to charge the batteries, because Keith can do no more until we get our new cables which are being done later today.


After I had finished repairing one of the blankets, Marmite thought she should try it out for comfort. Out of one large blanket, we now have three smaller ones, which are easier to manage and to wash. It looks like Marmite has chosen her blanket.

The sun is now trying to come out after the dull start, so it may be an opportunity to clean the brasses and to polish the boat. But only if I can find the energy. For some reason I have very little today, I hope it will improve.

Chat soon.

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