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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Whaley Bridge.

Map image

After lunch with nothing much to do, I suggested we walk into Whaley Bridge for a proper look around, because the day before we had only walked to Kuranda and back. So having walked a long the towpath and past Whaley Bridge Wharf, with its transhipment warehouse.


The rear of the transhipment building.

From there we walked into the compact little town, which has a Co-op, Pharmacy, a couple of chippies, fruit and veg shop, pet shop, charity shops, hair dressers etc etc. It has everything we would need. we found a lovely little antique shop which had a few lace and ribbon plates and a Measham teapot in it, but the teapot was damaged and we are not looking to buy anymore expensive plates. We of course went into the charity shops for a nosey, but did not find anything we wanted.


Some of the stone houses are very pretty. We continued with our wander, which took us back to the wharf, where Historic Working Boat Anne was moored up, but no sign of Stuart.


On our way back along the towpath, you cannot fail to notice the dreadful state of the 7 day mooring.


The permanent moorings are all kept neat and tidy, but you cannot moor on the 7 day moorings.


The bank had collapsed into the canal, making it impossible for a boat to moor. Obviously this is a huge job to put right, I do wonder if it will ever be put right?


As we walked back to the boat, I did have to giggle at this weather forecasting stone. If only it were that simple. I love the sense of humour of the person living there though.


  1. Hi Joe,
    Did not realise you planned to come up as far as Ellesmere Port. We live Chester so could meet up here if you are planning on stopping in the basin, or the port as both are only 5 minutes away. Will watch the blog and hopefully will cross paths with you when you are up this way.

    I'm interested to see which way you'll come up. If Hadar can manage the Bridgewater to here I know we have another circular route we could try that we've not done before when amyJo is afloat. Will follow your progress with interest :-)


  2. It was just over a year ago that we were in Whaley Bridge. It doesn't appear that anything has been done about repairing the bank on the 7 day moorings. Only difference from then to now. Then it had the dreaded Defra rash around it.
    Happy cruising. Love to you both. Xxxx

  3. Love your blog. The stone houses look amazing.

  4. Hi Steve. We hope to go to Ellesmere Port for Easter, but a lot depends on how long these electrical issues take to resolve. At the moment we are on course to come to Ellesmere.
    Hadar should have absolutely no problem with the Bridgewater, but we will certainly be posting her trip, so keep watching either here or on www.hadar.org.uk

    Kind regards Jo

  5. Hi Irene and Ian. The Defra rash is there, but has fallen in the water, which is a hazard in itself for props. It looks like there are no plans or money to repair this which means as a visitor you have to moor in Bugsworth Basin, which is such a chore NOT. The view is better and your not so close to the road, so a better option, but it would be nice to have the option. Many of the permanent moorings are empty, so if they are not being used, it would have been nice if they had been offered to visitors for say 48 hours.
    Love to you both xxxxxxxxx

  6. Hi Wren. Thank you for commenting on my blog and post. I am a sucker for dry stone walling and stone houses, they do it for me all the time. I love it up here.

    Kind regards Jo


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