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Wednesday 22 August 2018

More painting going on.

Hello Friends and Followers.

It has been another lovely day out, although there was quite a dew on the boat this morning. But the sun soon came out and burnt the dew off and although there were clouds in the sky, it as nice and warm.
Todays paint job was to the galley doors. I rubbed down the doors, ready to re-varnish them and to paint the red in the centre of the doors. I like to have my galley doors open even on wet days, so the woodwork needs to be well looked after and the only way to do that is to keep the varnish in tip top condition. I like to varnish them at least once every couple of years, but always check them over every year. We have galley doors both sides of the boat, so I have the others to do once the boat is turned around again.
Once I had done the rubbing down and first coats, I headed off to the laundry to get the washing done and hung out on the line. When the sun is shining or the wind is blowing, I like to hang the washing out. There is nothing nice than fresh air dried washing.
After coffee, I headed off to the Gp's to pick up prescriptions and then into the town to the chemist to get our medication. Whilst in town, I got my photograph taken for my provisional driving licence. No do not get all excited about me learning to drive, because that is not happening. I am getting a new licence to use as proof of who I am. These days unless you have a passport of driving licence you do not seem to exist. I do not have a passport, because I have never been abroad, whereas I did have a driving licence before I gave it up. So once I get my licence, I should be able to open an e-savings account with my bank, who want proof of who I am. You cannot make it up really. Funny thing was, to get my licence renewed I had to send them something to prove who I was and one of the things was a passport hahaha. Luckily they would also accept my birth certificate and a letter from HMRC. I realise that in this day and age with fraud etc going on, they have to be careful, but they do not take into consideration that some people do not have a passport or a driving licence. It is not because I want to be off the radar, it is because I have no need for either things. Sadly that has had to change. Photograph done and licence renewal sent off.
Back home in time to cook lunch and have a coffee, before more painting.
This time the painting was on rocks. Yes I am a closet rock painter. I find it incredibly relaxing. Once painted, I hide the rocks for people to find. I have joined a couple of rock painting groups and we share our photographs. Some of the ones I have seen have been truly amazing and I will never match up to some of them, but if my painted rocks bring a smile then I am a happy lady.

Pop back soon xx

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