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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

More updating.

Hi Friends and Followers.

As I said yesterday we had a nosey around the village of Wootten Wawen. It has the oldest church in Warwickshire, which is absolutely stunning. The Saxon Sanctuary, St Peter's is a must go see.
It is laid out with history boards, which will tell you all about the churches history.
 It is truly fascinating.
The village itself is only small, but very pretty.
We also visited the craft centre, but many of the places were closed, so we did not get to see it in its full glory.
Back on the boat, it was salad once again, because it was way to hot to cook.
We left Wootten Wawen and had an extended days cruising, because it was a cooler day. It was a joy to pass the barrel roof cottages. It is very picturesque along this stretch of the canal and the locks are easy enough to do.
Entering the southern link at Kingswood junction.
We headed on to the Grand Union canal at Kingswood Junction and decided to stop at Tom 'o the Woods, where we had a nice pub lunch and a very cooling pint.
On Wednesday 11th July, we headed for home, down Hatton Locks.
We spent most of the drip down the locks on our own, but towards the end we picked up with another boat, who had stopped for some lunch. 
Picking up with another boat, was wonderful and made the last few locks a lot easier to do.
We arrived home to our pontoon and an overgrown garden, which I soon knocked into shape. It was lovely to be home after a wonderful four months out.

Today I have been busy painting in the hold, which will eventually be my shop. I spent the afternoon finishing off another crochet blanket and unpicking a found crochet blanket. I found a blanket at a bin stop and thought I could work with it and so I am unpicking it at the moment, because there are a few holes which need to be repaired.

Pop back soon xxxx

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