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Friday, 31 August 2018

Painting, crochet and gardening.

Good evening friends and followers.

Here we are the last day of August and the last day of the meteorological Summer. So look out here comes the Autumn. Although it has been a little nippy around the edges in the mornings, the weather forecast is looking nice and warm for the next few days at least. I am hoping it stays with us until at least after the 8th and 9th September, because we have our Heritage Weekend in the arm.

My life has been ruled by painting and crochet this past couple of weeks. But the outside paintwork at least seems to be coming to an end. I put the 4th coat of paint on the galley doors.
4th coat you shout.
Yes I am painting red and it takes some covering, because it will shadow, so I have done 4 coats and that is my lot now. I still have the varnishing to do tomorrow hopefully. I have also finished painting the bathroom radiator, which is going back on the wall tomorrow. With the painting all done, the afternoons have been spent crocheting blankets for The Border Collie Trust.
I sent my first blanket to the trust and this is the beautiful girl who got to use it. Her name is Cisco and she is looking for her forever home. I am so chuffed that she looks so happy with her new blanket. I will make blankets for all her friends now.I am on blanket two.
Today (Friday), I was busy helping with the arms Sensory Garden.
Three of us spent the morning cutting back and weeding in the raised beds.
It all looks so much better now.
After lunch, guess what I was doing?
Yes correct, I was crocheting again. It is coming on and I will post a pick when it is done.
The weekend is almost here and I have no idea what I will be doing, apart from varnishing and putting the radiator back on the bathroom wall.
Oh we have news on our flue. Our engineer has been busy. He text us a photograph of a bucket two thirds full of the tar and soot he got out of the flue. The only way he could clear it was to cut it in half and set fire to it. So now it is clean, he is going to weld it back together and we should get it back next week. Result.

Pop back soon xxx

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