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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Another day in paradise.

Hi Folks.

How was your Firework night?
Ours was pretty quiet. Even though we were moored right out in the countryside, we could still hear and see fireworks going off in the distance in the pouring rain. I would imagine for many bonfire night was a bit of a damp affair, but if you have advertised it as being on, you really do not want to cancel at the last minute. Because the bangs were muted neither Paddy or Marmite paid any attention. Paddy was dead to the world in his bed all evening, which was a blessing as he is not a huge fan of fireworks or any such bangs.
This morning we woke up to a wind free, sunny morning. I watched the sun come up and it was glourious. Sorry no photograph, as I was not willing to stand outside in my underwear just to get a photograph, however glorious it is.
We were up at 7am and I relit the back cabin stove because it was feeling a little chilly. The saloon was very toastie, as was the shower room. The new plumbing arrangement for the back boiler is working well and we have constant hot water as well.
Having done all the usual morning chores, I then lifted the hold sheeting and rolled it up, ready for deliveries. We choose to run with our sheeting up, unlike most coal boats who take their sheeting off. When the working boats first came about they always used to run with their sheeting up to keep their cargo dry. We like to keep our coal bags dry, because some of our customers come and collect their coal by car, and they really do not want to be putting wet coal bags in the boot of their car.
We were ready to set off just after 8am, destination Crick to supply any customers who needed topping up with coal. It was all very quiet to begin with, not a boat to be seen, but as we approached Yelvertoft, there was boat after boat heading towards us. They were coming out of the marina's for the weekend and who could blame them on such a beautiful morning. By the time we arrived at Crick we were both ready for a hearty lunch of Bacon Butties. Passers-by must have been drooling, with the smell coming from our back cabin. For some reason bacon cooking always makes people hungry, well those who are not veggies ha ha ha. Bacon Butties with Tomato sauce went down extremely well, all washed down with a coffee.
I was contacted on facebook by a boating friend, who informed me we are in this months Waterway's World, so I walked up to the Post Office to have a look at a copy, but I must be going blind because I could not find us anywhere in the magazine. If anyone reading this spots us, would they please let me know.

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