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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Market Harborough or Bust,

Woooo hoooo I was awake at 4am and was so happy to see snow on the ground. I adore the snow and all it has to offer. The child in me comes out when the snow begins to fall. As we were awake so early, I did the usual thing and made us both a cuppa, but for some daft reason I made us coffee and not tea. I guess I was still half a sleep. We did settle back down in bed and got a couple of hours sleep, before being woken by footsteps crunching in the snow going past the boat. Up and about I was eager to get outside and enjoy the snow, which was falling as Paddy and I stepped off of the boat. We had a winter wonderland to play in. I walked up to Logan Street Wharf to see if we could get on the mooring, and low and behold it was empty. Now all's we had to do was get through the ice. But before setting off, we supplied one of our customers with 11 bags of Supertherm, so they will be nice a warm for a while.

Before we set off, I swept the snow off of the gunwales, bow and stern to make it a little safer to walk on. We then crunched our way down the cut. I love the sound of the ice breaking against the hull. having reached Logan Street Wharf, I then walked down to see if there were any moorings on the towpath and was amazed to see there were a couple of spaces, so I rang Keith to bring the boat down to the moorings. The video was taken of him and the boat coming down the cut to the moorings. No sooner we had moored up, people were asking for coal and kindling. With the temperature getting down at least -3.9c last night, customers are expecting the same for the next few days. With orders filled we then headed down town to pick up a few bits. On the way back we got invited in for coffee by Ben on MB Primrose Time, and I am not one to refuse a coffee. But no sooner we sat down, I got a phone call asking for coal, so we downed out coffee and said cheerio to Ben.

It has been a busy old day one way or another. I am now looking forward to a quiet evening in front of the TV. The weather is set to get worse, so we may not be moving to far over the next few days. I hope your all staying safe and warm.


  1. I could listen to that engine all day.
    Take care.

  2. Hi Dave. I am lucky, I do get to listen to her everyday. Mind you you may not think the same when your in a tunnel with us, she is a loud lady.
    We love our engine and in return she performs wonders for us.


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