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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Foxton top, to Foxton Bottom.

We are now moored at the bottom of Foxton Locks near Rainbow Bridge 62, having descended the locks this morning. We had a very heavy over night frost, but it meant we had a stunning sunrise. The temperature dropped down to at least -1.6c last night, but we were nice and cosy in our back cabin. We were both awake early, so I made us a cuppa, which we drank in bed whilst discussing what we were going to do during the day.
Once up and dressed, Porridge was definitely the order of the day for breakfast, before I walked Paddy. On our walk we met Bill the Lockie, who was unlocking the locks. He enquired as to whether we would be going down the locks, and I told him we would be. It turned out we were the first to descend the locks.
We set off at 8.10am, the ropes were as stiff as boards and could have easily have stood up on their own. We supplied NB Hector another Roger Fuller built boat with some coal, before working down the flight.
There was no one else around, so we had the flight to ourselves. There was ice on the lock beams making things a little slippery. I find it very difficult to work locks in gloves, so I had to have cold hands, which did not really bother me to much, because whilst waiting for the locks to empty I put my hands in my pockets. Bill the lockie and some other BW chaps we stood nattering about the work which needed doing to the flight when the stoppage begins on the 29th November, until the 17th December. If this weather freezes like they say it will, the workers are going to have their work cut out. After leaving the locks we cruised down to Debdale, on doing so we passed NB Wilver. Bill stuck his head out of the side door's and said good morning to us. We had a quick chat and headed to the winding hole at Debdale, where we turned the boat around. We then returned to the bottom of Foxton Locks where we will be for a few days as we have people coming to see us. After mooring up, we shut the boat up and headed to bridge 61 for a coffee and a chat with Tony Matts. I then decided to use the laundrette, so that she could do all of the washing at once. I had all of the clothing from yesterday, which was filthy from loading the hold with coal, I also had all of the bedding, so thought it best to use Tony's machine. It was well worth the £3 for the wash, as it got everything done at once. I then got a text from Nessa to say they were heading our way. Mo and Nessa on NB Balmaha are now moored behind us, so we will catch up with them tomorrow. It will be wonderful to catch up on all their news. The day is now drawing to a close as the light is fading fast and the temperature is dropping rapidly, so we will be staying inside tonight after I have walked his lordship again.
We have spagbol for dinner tonight, so I am off now to make sure it is cooking. Have a great evening.

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