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Sunday, 14 November 2010

A quiet Sunday.

Last night we were treated to a fantastic sunset over the Foxton Locks Inn and the Bridge 61 Pub. It looked even more stunning than it does in this photograph.
Today has been a quiet day, mainly due to the very overcast and chilly weather. I have a couple of orders for coal for next week when we go back up the locks, which are very welcome. But all in all we have done very little today, except the usual boat jobs. We did fix the exhaust pipe which got bent when going under a low bridge and Keith put some more paint on one of his Buckby Cans, apart from that we have been watching the last of the F1 races for this season. Congratulations to Vettel for winning this years Championship. It was very sad to see that Alonso was being such a poor loser. It was his to win and yet he did not put in the performance, so it is his fault and he cannot blame others for what should have been his title.
Rudolph and his mates have landed ready for Christmas. John is moored behind us makes them from timber he has sawn himself. The sledge is made from old pallets. For a small reindeer he is charging £10, the medium size one is £15 and the large one £20. They seem very popular as he has been doing a roaring trade.Screammmmmmm Christmas is some 6 weeks away. The only thing I am really looking forward to is my Christmas dinner, which is being cooked for us. Outside of our galley window, we have these two canal signs. The iron one has been there for many years and the wooden one was put there a couple of years ago. You would have thought that they would have copied the distances, but no they have them both totally different, very strange.

1 comment:

  1. The one sign is obviously for short persons with short legs!
    And t'other is for the tall, who take longer strides!


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