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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Full to the brim.

Hi Folks.

It has been a very busy day for me. Last night having moored up at Welford, we went to the Wharf Inn for dinner. We were seriously laccking on the TV front, so we could not watch 'I'm a celebrity' last night grrrrr.
Our morning began early. I had set the alarm clock for 6.30am, but was actually awake at 5.30am. I lay in bed till 6am, and then thought I should get up and organise myself, because we were expecting a coal delivery from Hills Coal Merchants. Having got dressed, Paddy got walked first as I had a list of things to do before our coal arrived. For breakfast I made us some Porridge, which would see us through the morning. I was going to need every ounce of energy I could muster. As Keith got himself sorted out, I rolled up the holds sheeting and lowered the side sheets a bit more to make loading easier. Having swept the hold we then moved the boat on to the water point. Whilst we waited for our coal delivery to arrive, we filled up our water tank, emptied the toilet cassette and got rid of rubbish.
8.30am Chris arrived with our 6 tonne of coal, he parked up along side the boat and began unloading the coal. Chris handed the 25kg bags to me, I then stacked the 240 bags in the hold, filling every available space. I have a good system when stacking the bags, so it only took us an hour to get the job done. Our boat is now sitting nice and low in the water. Keith was not allowed to stack the coal today, as his back is still a little on the delicate side, so I did not want him aggrevating it.
Chris went on his way and we winded the boat before heading towards Foxton. Along the way we dropped off ordered coal, and dropped off coal to new customers.

The weather was really quite nice. Despite being cold we had sunny periods and no wind at all, so neither of us felt very cold, but I still made lots of coffee to keep the chill out. For lunch we had hot Sausage Rolls and Mince Pies to warm the bodies core.

We are now moored at the top of Foxton Locks and we are everso slightly shattered now that we have stopped. After a pasta dinner, I was so pleased to get into a nice hot shower, which eased any aches I had.

We have a fantastic TV signal here, so going to enjoy watching the tele tonight.

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