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Friday, 26 November 2010

Film Crew and Boating in the dark.

Hi Folks.

What a day it has been. No two days are ever the same and today was definitely totally different to the norm. As usual we were awake early drinking tea and discussing what the day may well bring. We had a very heavy frost and there was ice creeping across the canal as I looked out of the porthole. We have jot had any snow as such, I am hoping it will come soon, as I love snow. Paddy had a quick walk, as he was none to happy about the chilly wind which was blowing.

I did a quick tidy up in the back cabin, as we waited for our visitors to arrive. 11am Ian, Tony and Bertil arrived to do a days filming with us. They wanted to film us delivering coal to customers. I never realised just how much is involved with making programs. Keith and I had to do some of what they wanted a couple of times to make sure the shots were correct. Mo and Nessa on NB Balmaha joined in with the fun as we delivered coal to them up the towpath. We then delivered a bag to John moored behind us. After all of that we then set off through the Swingbridges and stopped to deliver coal to another regular customer. At this point Ian wanted to interview the both of us in the back cabin. Before the interviews I made us all a much needed cuppa and pulled some pasties out of the back cabin stove. We were all ready for something warming to eat. By the time we had finished with the filming and interviews it was 3.20pm and the light was fading. We said our goodbyes and set off into the dusk for Market Harborough. It was not long before the temperature gauge was showing a problem, the temperature was rising and it ment one thing, the impeller had broken up in the water cooling pump. We immediately stopped the boat in the middle of the canal and took the pump apart. we were right the impeller was in bits. Keith fitted a new part and we were soon on our way. The canal had half and inch of ice in places, so Hadar was crunching her way along the cut. We arrived at Bridge 14 near Market Harborough in the dark, so moored up in front of another boat, which we will be supplying coal to tomorrow morning. The temperature is now down to -2 c, so another hard frost. I hope that we can make it into Market Harborough tomorrow. But for now I am going to relaxing a little before heading off to bed. We have had a lovely day.

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