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Friday, 19 November 2010

Foggy Friday.

Hi Folks.

It's Friday and the weekend starts right now as far as I am concerned.
It was a pea souper of a start to our morning. Paddy and I walked along the towpath in the fog. In places you could hardly see a hand in front of your face. On the way back I could hear snorting going on over the hedge and when I peered over the hedge a head popped up to reveal the culprit. We were in no hurry to set off, so got all the boat chores done first. I stoked up both fires after breakfast and refilled the Copper Kettle on the back stove, so that we would have boiling water for coffee whilst on the move. Keith slowly got himself organised. With his back playing up, everything has to be done slowly at the moment. I had to put his socks on, because he cannot reach down to his feet. It bought back memories of when I used to the childrens socks and shoes on when they were young. Funny how things come to mind. All jobs done and Keith on the move we left our nice quiet over night mooring at 9.15am and set off for Welford Junction. The sun was doing its utmost to burn away the fog. We saw our first Kingfisher just after setting off. It sat in a bush and did not bother flying off. Now either they are getting used to us and the sound of our engine, or they could not be bothered to fly off, but Three out of the Four Kingfisher's we saw today all stayed put, including this one I got a cracking photograph of. I love these darling little birds.
We stopped at Bridge 56 to drop some coal off to a customer and it was then time for a coffee and a hot sausage roll, which I had put in the back cabin stove to warm through. There is nothing nice on a chilly morning, it just helps to keep the bodies core warm and we both love them. There are still a few trees with leaves clinging to their branches. In the morning sunshine they do look stunning.
We arrived at Welford Junction having not seen another boat on the move, that all changed once we moored up. It seemed like every man and his dog were out on their boats probably for the weekend. Jane and Tom bought their boat up to the Junction to collect their coal and we had a good old chinwag as all boaters do. The hold is now very empty, I am just hoping I have enough coal to supply our customers at Crick tomorrow. We tried out the sack barrow with towels in the tyre and it does work to a point. It will do until we get something else sorted out.Whilst chatting to Jane and Tom, I noticed that the sky has the X-Factor. The sky was a beautiful Blue and I am hoping that we will be blessed with a stunning sunset tonight. Boats are still coming and going, some slower than others. I do wish people would be respectful of others and slow down.
I was told the other day I am in Towpath Talk and it is true. I am on page 5 of the free newspaper. A customer said I look like Hilda Ogden, flippen cheek. The photograph was taken at the Village at War weekend down at Stoke Bruerne. I like the photograph so thought I would contact the paper to see if I can have a copy. I was put in touch with the photographer and was told that I could have a copy, but it would cost me grrrrrrrrr. Now he took my photograph, which was fine even though he did not ask me. He did not ask if he could sell my photograph. He wants for a 10x8=£20, 8x6=£10, 5x7=£8 and P+P 1.75. As I am the model I would have thought I should of got a free photograph. I am not paying for one and I am not happy that he is making money out of me without asking.

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