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Saturday, 13 November 2010

A weekend off.

Being moored at the bottom of Foxton Locks, we get to enjoy the nightime view of the Bridge 61 pub owned by Tony Matts. It is a small canalside pub with a huge amount of character. Along side the pub is a shop which sells gifts, books and some provisions should you get caught short. Another lovely view at night from our galley window is The Foxton Locks Inn, which looks splendid all lit up. They do some lovely meals and beers. A great place to sit with a beer, whilst watching the coming's and going's of boats cruising the Leicester Line of the Grand Union Canal.It always looks fabulous at night. They will be getting very busy on the run up to Christmas with parties etc. As the wind had dropped, I was able to get these lovely photographs.

I struggled to rouse myself this morning, after all it is Saturday. Unfortunately Marmite does not understand what day it is and so at 5am she was meowing whilst charging up and down the boat. I later found out why, she had no food in either of her dishes. Poor pussy cat. Goodness knows what she would be like if she acrtually had to catch her own meals. I am sure meowing at her prey would not make them roll over in submission. She needs to think herself lucky that she gets fed twice a day and does not have to go out and catch her breakfast or dinner. I was fortunate enough to go back to sleep after curling into a little ball beneath the duvet. The next thing I knew it was 8.20am and Keith was laying next to me with his arms stretched behind his head. he had been awake for a while. Because I was late getting up, Paddy was on the prowl, because he needed to go out and do what all dogs do first thing in the morning. So no sooner I was up and dressed, my first task of the day was to walk him up the towpath heading towards Leicester. Immediately a smile was bought to my face as a Kingfisher sped in front of us, sitting on branches on the offside as it watched where we were going. Dang I did not have my camera with me arghhh, I never learn. Back on the boat, Keith was laying up breakfast and a cuppa was ready, which was just wnat I needed to get me going. After breakfast had been consumed I had to rake the back stove grate. It soon sprang into life and there is now a glowing fire in the grate. The saloon stove is always much easier to get going, I just riddle the grate and then top up with coal and it will simmer away all day. I only ever have to then fill it up again at night, where as the back cabin stove needs feeding regularly through out the day, so that I can keep a kettle boiling and do the days cooking. I do love cooking on my back stove, it gives me a lot of statisfaction.

Since I began this post it has turned out to be a very busy day, with customers coming to collect their coal. I know the title of the post is a weekend off, but that just means we do not move, it does not mean we do not sell anything. I put some firelights, kindling and toilet blue on the cabin roof for sale. Our trolley has given up the ghost again and this time the wheel has fallen apart, so we do not have a trolley at the moment, which is most annoying. Hopeing we can get it welded together, otherwise we are going to find deliveries difficult. We had a visit from, Teri and Dave from the Narrowboat Trust which was lovely. We sat chatting over cups of coffee. I love catching up on their news and Teri is looking so well after being so very poorly over the past year and a bit. We always end up trying to put the world to right. Looking forward to seeing them again before Christmas. Cooking in the back cabin stove at the moment is a meatball casserole for tonights dinner and yes it will come with dumplings. During the afternoon, whilst helping customers and chatting I cleaned some of the outside Brass as the weather was so nice and enjoyed chatting to passers-by. It has been a wonderful day and now I am looking forward to my dinner and relaxing in front of the TV. Hope you have a good evening ;0)

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