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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Volunteers and Reflections.

Hi Friends.

Less we forget today is Remembrance Day.
At 11am please spare a thought for those who have fallen during battle so that we may live free.

I have no idea what has happened to my posting yesterday, but it seems to have been lost in internet space. So thought I would post a few photos of yesterday's cruise and walk.
We left our over night mooring, the sun was shining after an over night frost, but it was absolutely beautiful, so different from the past couple of extremely windy days.

A few leaves were still hanging on to their branches, so there was still a small amount of Autumn colour hanging in there, but I am sure it will not be for much longer with heavy rain and winds forecast once more.
We arrived at the top of Foxton Locks and were fortunate to find a mooring where we could get a digital TV signal and 3G for the computer connection wooooooo hooooo we are in heaven. As far as customers are concerned it was a quiet day, so when Paddy began jumping around the cabin like an excited puppy, I thought it was a good opportunity to take him for a stroll down the locks and around the Inclined Plane. At the top of the locks we met up with Bill the Lockie, who was helping a hireboat up the flight. Even thought the lockies have finished for the season Bill is still on hand should anyone require some help and advice on how to operate the locks. The problem is, if you open the paddles in the wrong order you can end up flooding the flight. So you must always open the Red paddles first and then the white ones. Regularly people get it all wrong and end up flooding the flight. Paddy and I walked down the flight and then back up alongside the Inclined Plane where we met some members of the Carbon Army. The charity was set up in 1959, and has a successful history of environmental conservation volunteering throughout the UK and around the world. The volunteers were at Foxton to plant hedging.Paddy and I met up with Three ladies who were planting Hawthorn bushes in holes in the hedging. They come out for two days a week and help where needed in the Leicestershire and Rutland area. One of the ladies told me "It gets me out and about and I get to help the enviroment". It is a worth while cause and everyone was doing a fantastic job. There was I walking in my shirt sleeves and these ladies were well wrapped up against the cold wind. They were shocked to see me without a warm jacket on, but as I explained to them, I can been seen in the depths of winter in just a T-shirt, I am not one for heavy coats etc unless I absolutely have to. I bid the ladies farewell as Paddy was getting the fidgets and we went on our way. With the sun out and a deep blue sky, it made for some wonderful reflections, especially as the water in the top pound is so dark. As the day drew to a close the temperature began to drop sharply and it got down to below zero for the first part of the night.
We woke this morning to strong winds and yet more driving rain, which will be swelling the rivers. I expect the River Soar is well up and I know friends who were on the river, decided to get off of the river in case it went into flood. The wind was blowing a hooley, so much so that it blew our closed sign over, causing a clatter on the roof of the boat. Due to the strong winds were were wake at 6am drinking tea in bed and listening to Marmite complain. The only cat I have ever known to be more vocal is a Siamese. Marmite I think could give them a run for their money on begin vocal. After a lot of hestitation I climbed out bed and got dressed. With the weather outside, I could have quite easily have stayed in bed, but with chores to do and a dog to walk, that was never going to happen. Once up and coat on, Paddy and I set off on our walk against the elements. Due to the weather there was no one about, it was all quiet. Back on the boat Keith was making us both an Omelette for breakfast, which was very nice and made a nice change from cereal.
As I type it is still blowing outside and the rain is still falling, so we will not be going to far away from the fire today. I think it is a day for watching the TV as we have Film4 and sitting in front of a cosy fire. I hope your day is a good one, no matter what the weather.

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