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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas comes on board Hadar.


I love fairy lights.


So the decorations are up, the cards are written and the food is almost bought, so we are ready.


  1. looks very nice jo.

  2. Ha,ha! Three weeks to go. You are certainly first 'off the blocks'.
    Mind you, I don't blame you. All this drab grey weather, day after day, things need to be brightened up. But food?
    Do you think those sprouts and parsnips will keep 'till Christmas Day?
    I bought a bottle of Ginger Wine last week to put by for the festivities.
    Guess what? Half gone!
    The longer these things sit around, the more I am tempted. No will power!

  3. Wow Sue, Hadar sure looks lovely with those lights. Really festive and Christmasy

  4. Looks like a pretty fairy grotto - lovely :)

  5. Hi Phil and Sally. Thank you, we like to make some sort of an effort.

    Hi Bernard. We are going food shopping this week for some items then I will buy fresh fruit and veg closer to the day. I absolutely hate standing in queues at Christmas, so like to get done early if I can.

    Hi Steve. I think you mean Jo, but thank you for the kind comment. Maybe I was Sue in a previous life hahahahahaha.

    LadyB. Thank you. Now I just need to get my santa outfit out hehehehe.

  6. Oops sorry, I did mean to type Jo, not sure where Sue came from though? My apologies

  7. Hi Jo, love your photos, what sort of camera do you use.
    Best wishes Andy T.

  8. Hi Andy T. The photos on this part have all been deleted, but I use a Canon 1100D. ;0)


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