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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

What annoys you????

I do not know if anyone else has been watching "That's Britain", it tackles what drives us brits mad. It has me thinking about what annoys me and I am beginning to think I am a Grumpy Old Woman, because my list is endless.

1. Dog Poo (in bags or otherwise).

2 Litter.

3. Mobile Phones in Restaurants and Cafes.

4. Manners.

5. Respect.

6. Swearing when it is not needed ( I see no need to swear). I am talking about the F and C words.

7. People who seem to walk right through me.

8. Cyclists who think they rule the towpaths.

Ok will stop now because I could go on and on, see told you I am a Grumpy Old Woman ;0).

Tell me what annoys you????


  1. Dog poo that has been put in a bag, but then slung into the hedgerow to join the many others that are hanging there, instead of carrying it to the nearest receptacle. It would be better to leave the stuff to decompose naturally than do this - utterly disgusting and pointless. Peter.

  2. Hi Jo Hope you and Keith are keeping well.
    For me it's people who insist on forcing their point of view apon you. Now I am the easiest person to get along with and I strongly beleive everyone is entitled to their own point of view so long as thats it.. When they start to force them upon me because they think it's what should be I start to get really annoyed. I accept they have their point of view but will not bend to them just becase they think I should, especially if I do not happen to agree with them.

    Does that make me a grumpy old g... too?


  3. Hi Peter. I could not agree more. I pick-up countless bags of poo chucked in the hedgerows on my litter picking days, it is so annoying.

    Hi Steve. I know where you are coming from. I had an ex who used to force his opinion on me, that is why he is my ex LOL. Join the club of being a Grumpy. I think we have the right.

  4. Hi Jo, you have mentioned it so many times before "Dogs not on a lead". Not only on the towpath, but only the other day i was walking across the fields without my dog when i encountered two women with five dogs all off the lead, completely out of control when up the next hedgerow came two blokes with one dog on a lead, which two of the "stray" dogs attacked causing much distress> If you have a dog then it is your responcibility to control it. Rob

  5. Rob. Yep another of my pet hates. If I had been the owner of the dog on a lead I would have reported the ladies with the dogs.
    I always have Paddy on a lead when there are other dogs around, if we are passing other boats and if we are walking along pavements. I do consider myself to be a responsible dog owner. Jo


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