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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Time to move on.

Hi Folks.

Map image

Onley to Braunston 3.8 miles travelled in 1 hour 50 minutes.

Having spent a lovely weekend out in the countryside, it was time to move on to what would hopefully be a mooring for the Christmas holidays. With the ice of the past few days all gone, there would be no smashing or crashing past moored boats. Before we left the mooring, I remembered to gather up the bird feeders from the make shift bird table, I have on occasions forgotten and left them behind. I did however leave behind the fat balls to keep the birds happy. I am quite sure someone else will put more food out.

9.35am I cast us off and got us underway, whilst Keith was doing something in the back cabin. I do so love standing at the tiller, even when the sun is in my eyes, which it was this morning because it is so low in the sky at this time of year. As we approached Willoughby Keith took over on the tiller whilst I made us both a coffee.


As we got closer to Braunston I spotted Ian and Alsion on Working Boat Gosty Hill moored up some way from the bank.


We exchanged a few words with them, wishing them a Merry Christmas, they are off up on to the Ashby Canal for Christmas and are very well loaded.


As we went past they cast off and got underway.


Braunston Church came into view, like a beacon of hope.


Behind us the sky was getting ever darker, which meant we were about to get rather wet. As it turned out it did not rain much at all.


Overhead a Buzzard was getting harassed by a Crow, which would not leave it a lone. We arrived in Braunston and met up with Keith and Ann on NB Oakfield, who were taking on water at the water point near Midland Chandlers. We exchanged a few words of our plans before we continued through to the water point and elsan disposal between the A45 bridge and the stop house to empty out and top up. We also took the opportunity to fill up our 2 water carriers so we have plenty of water on-board whatever the weather brings. We winded at the marina entrance and returned to a mooring opposite Tony Redshaw’s which will do us nicely for the Christmas holidays, during the winter these moorings are 14days.


We had thought of stopping on The Boat House moorings, but they are now for patrons only and only 24 hour, which is a real shame. Obviously people have been abusing their hospitality, so now there are restrictions. We have stayed there for a weekend, but have used the pub whilst there. It is a shame when a few spoil things for the rest of us. We had not been moored up long, when Del and Al on NB Derwent 6 came past on their way to Norton Junction. I popped my head out of the engine room door to wish them a Merry Christmas and hopefully we may see them in the new year. 

The TV aerial has gone up, but we have no BBC channels again, oh well as long as we have ITV for "Downton Abbey" over Christmas I am happy. I have no plans to do much for the rest of the day, but who knows what may come to pass.

Chat soon xxxxxx

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