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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Litter picking and wood cutting.

Hi Folks.


A bright and sunny start to Saturday as Paddy and I walked along the towpath, as we walked I could not help but notice the litter in the hedgerow, that was going to be one of my jobs for the day to collect the rubbish. But before that I went back to the boat to find Keith doing us Mushrooms on Toast.

After I had stoked both the fires, washed up the breakfast things, fed Mog and Dog, I headed out with two empty coal sacks and my grabber to pick up all the litter I had seen during the pooch walk. Whilst I was out, Keith got on with changing the fuel filter on the engine, because it had not been changed since we moved on to the boat in 2007. On my litter pick I collected numerous water bottles, which I can only imagine were left by walkers and joggers. I also found a couple of bags full of beer cans and an old watering can, which had been chopped up, the rest of the rubbish was old coal bags and other garbage.


By the time I had gone in both directions from the boat, I had collected two coal sacks of rubbish, which is incredible because this part of the canal is so quiet. The downside of picking up the litter today was I broke my grabber, the upside is I still have the receipt and it is less than a month old, so it will be going back to the store I bought it from for a replacement. Keith had finished the fuel filter in the engine room and it looked like the filter did need changing, so at least we do not have to worry about that for a while.

After Malt Loaf, Cheese and Pickled Onions for lunch, I headed out to collect some wood, I had seen on my litter collecting walk. A couple of large bows had been blown down in the wind, so I went off to collect them. Once back at the boat, I got out the hand saw and cut them up in fire size logs. With them neatly stashed away in the hold, it was time to take a break, so with a coffee I am going to settle down and watch "Small Soldiers" from 1998. I think I have done my bit for today.

It is the final of "I'm A Celebrity" tonight, three weeks has flown by, but tonight we will see either Dougie Poynter or Mark Wright crowned King of the jungle after Anthony Cotton and Fatima Whitbread were evicted last night. Last nights celebrity cyclone was hilarious and as good as ever. Mark and Dougie have to do an eating challenge tonight, so it not be for the faint hearted I bet.

Right I am off to put my feet up and play a little Farm Town.

Chat soon xx

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