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Thursday, 15 December 2011

We moved.

Hi Folks.

We moved from our overnight mooring on the towpath at Rugby and on to the Broughton Park moorings opposite for a few reasons.

Reason one was the boat behind us, ran his generator till gone 9pm last night. Now as any good boater knows you are not supposed to run your engine before 8am or after 8pm, but it appears some people think they are above this. We sat watching the Royal Variety Performance and 8pm came and went as did 8.30pm, I was beginning to think that I would be going round to ask him to turn his generator off. 9pm came and went and then phew it was turned off. It would not have been so bad if it had been at the bow of the boat, but with it backing on to our back cabin I had visions of us going to bed with it still running. I am of the opinion, if you need to run your engine or generator after 8pm then either moor in the middle of no where or at least have the decency to knock on the boats near you to ask if it is ok. It is not much to ask is it? So the generator went off and peace was restored. We did not actually go to bed until 11.30pm because we sat up and watch the end of Die Hard 4.0.

Reason two was when I walked Paddy this morning I walked him over to Broughton Park to see if it was correct that the Elsan was in working order again, as reported on Keith and Ann's blog NB Oakfield. Yippee they reported correctly that it is indeed in working order once again, so we want to empty our cassettes and thought we would have to cross our legs until Hillmorton, but that is now not the case, so thanks Keith and Ann for the information.

Reason three was the weather forecast. The forecast is for gales and snow, now the snow we would cope with on the towpath side, but were more worried by the gales because we were moored on just other peoples bits of rope tied into the concrete bank, which may well have held, but we were taking no chances. We also did not want to moor up on pins, because they would have pulled out. Unfortunately we could not get our chains to fit anywhere along the stretch we had, so decided that the ringed moorings on Broughton Park were a better option, so after getting back from my walk with Paddy, we had breakfast, fired up the engine and moved all of a few feet across the cut. Securely moored up, we both felt happier with our decision, the only draw back we have no TV this side of the canal grrrrrrrr.

At 10.45am we gathered a few items including Bonnie Bear and headed off back to the towpath side on foot to go and have a coffee and mince pies with Al and Del on NB Derwent 6. It was Bonnie Bears first visit to our friends, so it was her first cuddle away from our boat.


I think she enjoyed herself, she certainly had a smile on her face.


We had a great time with Al and Del, before we knew it the time had sped on to gone 2pm and it was time to leave them in peace. I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with them, I think we must have covered very subject under the sun apart from toilets. That has to be a first. Back on our boat Bonnie Bear relaxed in the back cabin, whilst I made us a sandwich for lunch, we then headed out again with our small trolley to go and get Paddy's dog food and some cat litter for Marmite. I was going to buy her cat food there, but Tesco are cheaper, so will do that tomorrow if we are not snowed in. Whilst we were out and about the mince and vegetables were cooking in the back cabin stove for a Lasagna, which we will be having for dinner tonight. I have layered it up with lasagna sheets, white sauce and cheese and it is now cooking in the stove for tonight's dinner. So no TV signal, that means we will be delving into the DVD collection tonight. I may just have to put "The Kings Speech" on tonight. Everyone has raved about it, so I am looking forward to seeing it. The solar lights we bought yesterday are working in the back cabin and look lovely. It makes a change for something to work first time, normally I land up taking things back.

Right time to check on dinner. Have a good evening, stay safe and warm xxx

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