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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Winter has arrived.

Hi Folks.

I mentioned we had a home made bird table outside the galley window.


Yesterday the birds were very eager to get some food that they did not have to find for themselves.

Keith and I got a few jobs done yesterday, he was busy with wiring jobs, he wired in a small inverter for the back cabin TV and he wired in his power supply for his computer, if it is successful he is going to do the same with mine. I on the other hand moved some coal in the hold, I then tidied and polished in the saloon, straightened up the Christmas tree which had a drunken droop going on. Just as I was making lunch Maffi came past us on NB Milly M, so I signaled to him I had a cuppa on if he wanted one, with a thumbs up I made him a cup of tea whilst he pulled in, in front of us. We stood nattering with him for about half an hour, we then noticed the very dark sky coming over our heads, so Maffi was on his way before the heavens opened, which unfortunately they did as he left. We will not see him now till probably the New Year, so wished him a happy festive season as he headed off to Oxford for Christmas.

The rest of yesterday was spent in the warm watching films on TV, drinking coffee and keeping the fires stoked up.

This morning (Sunday) I woke to another heavy frost and ice on the canal.


At 7.30am Keith had gotten up to visit the bathroom, so I got up and stoked the back cabin stove, to being up the heat level a bit as it was a little on the chilly side. I then put the kettle on for a brew, whilst that was boiling I saw to the saloon stove as well. Kettle boiled it was back to bed to enjoy my early cuppa, whilst listening to the ducks walking around on the ice. Ice makes some incredible noises as it cracks against the hull of the boat. I could also hear the birds squabbling on the bird table, as they all wanted something to fill their tummies against the cold.

8.30am it was time to get out beneath a was time to climb out from beneath a warm duvet, because Paddy wanted to go out and Marmite was making it known she wanted feeding.


As we set off along a frosty towpath, I caught sight of some brave or would that be mad runners running up to the top of Blaby Hill.


I actually cannot think of anything worse than running, but for some it is everything, so good luck to them. Paddy and I were quite happy to stroll along the towpath.


Back on the boat Keith was making us a cooked breakfast, which filled me up for the morning.

The sky began to darken and the snow began to fall yippee.


Now I of course realise not everyone enjoys the snow and it does cause havoc when travelling or getting around, but I am just a huge kid at heart and I love the snow. We will not get much no doubt, but I love to watch it fall, if it settles that is even better.

With the fires backed up, it is now time to enjoy my Sunday. I have no plans to do much today and I know there are a lot of movies on the TV, so I think it maybe a movie day in between cooking, cleaning, looking after the other half and the animals.

Have a fun day xx

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