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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday a day of rest Ha ha ha.

Hi Folks.

As I sit and type up today's events it is pouring with rain and the wind is getting up. It is fantastic to hear the rain thumping on the roof of the boat, as if it were asking to come in.

Sunday began early with Keith getting up and making us a cup of tea, which was enjoyed in bed as we watched the Challenge channel. I do enjoy watching the old game shows, this morning it was Fun House and Takeshi Castle. Oh this girl knows how to get her day started with some fun ha ha ha. By 8.30am Paddy was rummaging around in his bed, which meant he was going to want to go out, so I was up dressed and out the door with him by 8.45am. As we walked along the towpath, Paddy had his nose to the ground, whilst I listened to the Field Fare in the trees. Of late I have seen hundreds of them eating the Haw Berries, which are in the hedgerows this time of the year.

Back on the boat Keith cooked us Bacon and Poached Eggs on Toast, which went down a treat, I then got on with stoking up both the fires ready for the day. With the back cabin stove warming up nicely, I got on with making a Turkey Casserole, which would simmer away all day in the back cabin stove oven. I cooked off the Turkey pieces, added onions and fried them as well before adding, Carrots, Swede, Potatoes and Leek. I opened a tin of Chicken Soup and added it to the pan along with some mixed herbs and garlic paste. I topped up the pan with some water, put the lid on the pan and popped it in the oven, another job done. With dinner cooking the generator went on to charge the batteries, so I took the opportunity to hoover the through to get rid of the dog hairs and dirt. I always look on it as a treat to use the hoover. Strange really because when I lived in a house the hoover got used every day. But on the boat I usually get the broom, dustpan and brush out. Whilst I got on with all of the jobs Keith tried to repair our indoor, outdoor thermometer because it had been playing up for a few weeks. I have no idea if it will work, but we can but try. Keith them cleaned the air filter on the engine, which was a little dirty. Only small jobs but all worthwhile doing. Most of the jobs were all done by 11am, which left the the rest of the day to watch Sunday films and it gave me the chance to chat to a dear friend on the phone. We have known each other for over 20 years and yet we still have plenty to chat about when we get the chance. Friendships like that do not happen every day.

The afternoon has now draw into the evening and as I said at the beginning rain is thumping on the roof of the boat, "McLintock" with John Wayne is on the TV, Paddy is in his bed, Marmite is in the back cabin and dinner is ready, I am now just waiting for the garlic bread to bake. This evening we will watch the results for "X-Factor" to see who goes into next weeks final. Last night I really enjoyed the final of "I'm A Celebrity". Dougie won, but to me both he and Mark we both winners, because they were such lovely young men. Gosh that makes me sound old Ha ha ha. Here's to next years program, I love a good laugh.

Right off to check on dinner and to fed the animals, so hope your weekend was a good one.

Chat soon xx

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