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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Coventry Basin to Whiting's Bridge No.5 near Hawkesbury.

Hi Folks.

Coventry Basin to Whiting's Br No.5, near Hawkesbury Junction 6.5miles, 1 lock travelled in 2 hours 31 minutes.

I am not a woman who likes to be rudely awoken, it does not put me in a good mood, so to be woken up at 3.45am by some gobby youths was annoying to say the least. Surely at that time in the morning they should have been in bed? We lay awake listening to them shouting about and using all the swear word books in their vocabulary, I was also waiting for them to come near to the boat, because I would have been up and out of the boat. I am not a violent person, neither do I do confrontation, but you disturb my sleep at your peril. Thankfully as they were getting louder, the heavens opened and they must have legged it, because all went quiet. So there we were laying in bed wide awake, the only thing for it was to get up and make a cup of tea. After settling down beneath the duvet, I managed to go back into an easy sleep, when Marmite came and said good morning, which must have meant it was time to get up.

We were already to leave the basin by 8.30am, so we left our mooring and pulled in at the sanitary station where we emptied the toilet cassettes and got rid of rubbish, water is not needed until after next week. We said our goodbyes to the basin and headed off to our first port of call Tesco. But before we got there we picked up a new crew mate.


We had seen the bear on the way to Coventry, but could not get to it, but today we rescued this very cute Teddy Bear which I have named Bonnie the Bear. She is very dirty and of course wet, but after I finish this posting I am going to give her a good old wash. She will not fit into the washing machine, so I may have to get the scrubbing brush out.

We made it to Tesco, moored up and set off with our bags to get a large shop done. This shop was not just food it was also stuff for Christmas, so it was expensive arghhhhh, but had to be done. Somehow we managed to spend almost two hours walking around Tesco, mind you it is a large store. With the shopping done and loaded on to the boat, Keith steered the boat whilst I stowed the shopping away. We arrived at Hawkesbury Junction at 12.50pm, I stepped off of the boat and did the lock. As usual there were no moorings, so we carried on out into the countryside and we moored up just north of Whiting's Bridge No.5, near Hawkesbury Junction. We have the roar of the M6 near-by but it is shut out a little by a tall hedge. This will be home for a couple of days at least, because we are in no hurry.

Right I am off to give a dirty bear a bath, chat soon xx

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