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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Newbold to Rugby.

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Hi Folks.

Newbold to Rugby 1.25 miles travelled in 35 minutes.

Not exactly a huge cruise today, but it is serving a purpose, because we want to stock up for Christmas and the New Years festivities. Before we got under way. I was up and off of the boat with Paddy for his walk, which took us down to the post box in the village to post off our boat insurance, I also took the opportunity to put a coal bag with ash in it, in the bins by the Barley Mow Inn. I like to put our cold fire ash in bags and then deposit it in BW bins, rather than throwing it into the hedgerows. I know a lot of boaters do just throw it in the hedgerows which is fine, I just prefer not to as I think it is unsightly.


We set off from the 48 hour mooring at 9.35am, the morning was cold, but dry and the wind had dropped which was appreciated. This part of the canal is not hugely beautiful because you are beginning to enter Rugby and the industrial side of the town. But it was quiet as we approached Rugby, our hope was there would be a mooring for us and thankfully we were not disappointed, because just as we passed under Masters Bridge we pulled into an empty mooring behind Maffi on NB Milly M and Al and Del on NB Derwent 6. Maffi very kindly took the bow rope as I stepped off of the boat with the centre rope. There are no rings or proper piling, so many people moor on pins, but we were fortunate to find bits of lopped rope along the concrete, so used them to moor up on. I just hope they hold now, with the wind expected to get up again. There were moorings on the opposite side of the canal, but you then have a lot further to walk, so we are going to stay put for now.

Having enjoyed a natter with Maffi, we had a coffee before walking  to Maplins with Keith's shopping list as follows:-

We returned back to the boat with these plus the following:-

Keith wanted the invertor for our TV in the boatman’s cabin, which up till now we have been running of the main invertor, but he has decided to fit a separate one specifically for this TV, it will save having to get out of bed to switch it on or off! Now I love that idea, but we will still have to get out of bed to plug the aerial in hahahahaha.

The resistors are so that he can convert our Christmas LED lights to operate directly of the boat 12V supply, rather than batteries. So this will save me having to charge up the batteries, which is a good idea.

The cable is for wiring up the invertor, this is over my head, so I will leave that job to Keith.

Whilst Keith was looking for his bits I wandered around looking at lots of interesting stuff, but I then spotted the solar powered LED’s, which I have been looking out for, and at half price at £9.99 a set we bought two sets. I love fairy lights they will also save us battery power.


Keith then spotted the radio. We had thought of waiting for the New Year sales to get a new one, but with £20 off of £49.99 we felt we would probably do no better in the sales, so bought one. Our old radio’s display failed a couple of months ago, and although it still worked it was difficult to tune into radio stations without a display.

With our purchases all bagged up, we walked back to the boat and I got on with making some lunch. I was just about to slice some Cheese when Al and Del came past the window, so I nipped out and said "Hello" to them both. We stood nattering for a while, before agreeing to meet up tomorrow for a proper chat over Mince Pies and Coffee. So we have that to look forward too.

With lunch eaten Keith installed the radio with out much fuss or drama and I got on with putting up one set of the LED’s, in the back cabin, I just need to wait 6-8 hours for them to charge up. So all in all we have had a fruitful day.

I now have to think about something for dinner. I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do today, but I am sure I will come up with something.

Chat soon xx

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