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Sunday, 11 December 2011

A day of doing very little.

Hi Folks.

Sunday was a day of doing very little. It began early as seems to be the norm these days. Maybe it comes with getting older, but for some odd reason, I wake up earlier and earlier. At this rate by the time I reach my mature years I will not be sleeping at all, which is never good.

So after a cuppa in bed whilst watching  TV, it was then time to take Paddy out for his walk. Whilst we were out rambling a long the towpath, Keith was on the boat cooking me breakfast, this morning it was Bacon, Mushroom, and Poached Eggs on Toast. he had Black Pudding with is, ewwww I am not a lover of all that cooked blood, so gave it a miss. After breakfast I got on with sorting out both the fires as per-usual, whilst Keith did his thing. The generator charged the batteries and Marmite and Paddy ate their breakfast. Sunday has always been a baking day for me, so I thought I should make some cake, because the cake box was empty. I made us a Lemon and Lime Drizzle Cake, which should last us a few days. I then turned my attention to cooking some Bolognaise Sauce for dinner, which we would be having with Spagetti. I like to make my own, but will occasionally use jar sauces. My Bolonaise Sauce, is made with Red Wine, Garlic, Onions, Oxo Cube, Tomato Paste and a tin of chopped Tomatoes. The smell from the back cabin during the day was sublime. With dinner taken care of it was time for some lunch, so we finished off the stock from the Oxtails I made a stew with a couple of days ago. Those three little Oxtails had fed us for three meals, so well worth the £2.95. Soup was enjoyed with buttered bread and a slice of the Lemon and Lime Drizzle Cake.

The rest of my afternoon was spent watching Sunday films, making coffee and tending to the fires. Paddy jumped up on my lap for a cuddle, he is such an old softy, but once he wriggled to much he was put back on the floor, of course this made Marmite jealous so she then settled down on my lap for half an hour, by which time it was time to get up and put a Rubarb Pie in the back cabin oven, that will be pudding after tonight's dinner.

Tonight it is the X-Factor final, so come on Marcus Collins. Actually I like Little Mix as well, so who ever wins will be fine. But I do have a soft spot for Marcus.

I hope your Sunday has been a lovely one xx

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