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Monday, 12 December 2011

Grimes Br. 26 to Newbold.

Hiya there.

Grimes Br. 26 to Newbold. 5.05 miles travelled in 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Hiya there.

Another stunning morning after an overnight frost and the temperature getting down to -2.9c.


A corker of a start to my day, what with walking along a crispy towpath with Paddy, then setting off in the sunshine at 9.30am, having spent a lovely weekend on the Grimes Bridge mooring.


I said goodbye to the horses munching hay in the field opposite and said hello to a lone Magpie, who was chattering in a tree as we passed under Grimes Bridge.

There was hardly a cloud in the sky as we met more boats on the move, than we had seen in the past week or so.


We arrived at Stretton Stop (Rose Narrowboats), where I stepped off the boat to open the swing footbridge, being careful to make sure I was sure footed in icy conditions. The last thing I need to is to injure myself before Christmas.


We left the swing bridge behind and headed off towards Newbold. Trains were coming and going along the railway line which runs along side the canal.


No matter what the weather I love every moment of the life I have. What is there not to like on such a clear and beautiful day. I dipped inside to make a coffee in the back cabin.

In no time at all we were heading through Newbold Tunnel.


On reaching the other side we pulled in for to fill up the water tank at the water point. Whilst I kept an eye on the boat, Keith went and had a look at the Barley Mow Inn notice board to see what was on the menu, we decided we would have lunch there, but that could not happen until the tank was filled and a mooring was found. Keith checked on the mooring situation, to find there was plenty of room for us on the 48 hour moorings, so with the tank full and NB Heron waiting to use the water point, we moved off and let them take our place.

All moored up, we shut the boat up and headed off back to the Barley Mow Inn for some lunch.

barley Mow

The pub was taken over by a new family a couple of years ago and they made us feel very welcome. There is a warm friendly atmosphere and with the Christmas decorations up, it looked lovely. We enjoyed our meals and a pint each of Old Speckled Hen. A definite place to eat if you stop at Newbold.

When we moved to find our mooring, I noticed flowers and cards by bridge 50. The landlady at the pub told us that a few days ago a man drowned in the canal by the bridge. So very sad at this time of year for something like this to happen. It was unknown as to what had happened. News Release.

It is now 3.15pm and the afternoon is descending into evening as the light fades. It is shower night and then I will settle in front of the TV.

Congratulations to Little Mix for winning "The X-Factor" last night, they are the first group to ever win the show. Marcus Collins was so gracious in defeat. I am sure that Marcus will have a glittering career and look forward to seeing what he does with his singing. I guess the next big TV event will be "Dancing on Ice" in the New Year.

Right off to make a coffee and then it will be dinner time.

Chat soon xx

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