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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Market Bosworth to Stoke Golding.

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Hi Folks.

Market Bosworth to Stoke Golding 5.96 miles, travelled in 3 hours, 10 minutes.

I am a woman who likes to be a little organised when it comes to events or things to do, so last night I sat and wrote out all the Christmas cards I bought at the Market in Market Bosworth, now all's I need to do is put stamps on them and post them, that is Christmas sorted as far as cards go. Whilst I wrote the cards the "One Show" was on and Jeremy Clarkson was was in trouble no sooner he opened his mouth about the Strike which happened yesterday. I agree he was a little over the top, but some would also say, "he only said what everyone else was thinking", so what is all the fuss about?. Unison is calling for him to be sacked, well sorry Unison but that will not happen. By now everyone should know that Jeremy likes to stir things up.

Today bought us a bright and cheery start, with some sunshine and no wind.


After leaving our mooring, we went a few yards to the water point to fill the water tank, just in case we could not get in at the water point at Sutton Cheney. Water tank full we set off for Sutton Cheney and still there was no wind, the surface of the water was so still I could see the reflections of the trees.


At bridge 35 I noticed NB Pickles No2, but there was no sign of Pete, Lisa or Sam the dog. So saying hello will have to wait till another day.

We got to Sutton Cheney and the water point was empty, which is sods law, because if we had not filled up at Market Bosworth, you can bet your bottom dollar, Sutton Cheney would have been busy. So we pulled into the water point, Keith went off and emptied one of the toilet cassettes, whilst I got rid of all the rubbish I have collected along the towpath over the past few days, just as well we have a large hold to put it in.


Sutton Wharf was bathed in sunshine, so some people were sitting outside and drinking their tea and coffee. We sped on giving them a wave as we passed by. We got to Stoke Golding moorings, but could not get in because the only mooring left was a winter mooring, so we carried on to Stoke Golding Marina, where we got in outside of the marina, which I think will be much quieter, because the draw back of the other moorings is the road which runs alongside it, so I am happier where I am. After a Sausage and Bacon sandwich for lunch, we left the boat to walk up into Stoke Golding.


We walked up over the bridge to the marina and down on to the towpath was extremely muddy and very slippery, so I gingerly made my way along the towpath, as I did not want to fall in the mud on the way out, on the way back would not have mattered.

We walked up Crown Hill which over looks the valley, to wards the village.


Stoke Golding is a delightful little village, with some outstanding buildings. The village sign shows the crowning of King Henry VII after the Battle of Bosworth. At the bottom of the sign are the emblems of Richard III and Henry, a red and a white rose. Stoke Golding's unique historical claim to fame, is that in 1485 the people of the village witnessed the rural coronation of Henry VII, the first Tudor monarch.


Free Grammar School

There are a number of Blue Plaque in the village, this one is for the Free Grammar School in the photo above. The school was founded in 1678.


The village has a beautiful church.


St Margaret of Antioch dates back to the 13th century. It is very gothic in its style as it stands proudly in the heart of the village. it has Six bells, two of which date back to the 17th century. We wandered around the church yard and found out that after 1883 there were no further burials in the church yard.SAM_1072

We carried on wandering through the village and found this delightful little cottage named The Birches.


Its a grade II listed building with such character and it was built in the 18th century. Whilst in the village I popped into the post office to buy some more stamps, so I can get the Christmas cards posted, we also went into the village shop, which has a a good supply of bits a pieces you may need if your cupboard is looking a little bare. The only thing I wanted was the latest TV magazine, but I also bought us both a Mars bar each. We enjoyed out saunter around the village, where the locals were very friendly.

On our walk back to the boat, we negotiated the muddy towpath, got back on to the bridge over the marina entrance.


We have friends Tim and Ali mooring in there for the winter, but we could not see any life on their boat, so we will see them when they come back up on to the Leicester Line no doubt.

Back on the boat, I got on with cooking dinner which would be Red Thai Chicken and Rice, which went into the back cabin stove to simmer. I then climbed into the hold and pulled out the Christmas Decorations, yep it is that time of year again, we always put our decorations up on the 1st December.


I dressed the tree, Keith then got on with putting up the fairy lights around the boat, which I will photograph later. It is our small contribution to the festivities. Neither of us likes going over the top these days, I had to many years of that before I met Keith, so these days we keep it nice and simple.

As I type the generator is running to top the batteries up, dinner is cooking. I have fed mog and dog, so they are happy. I think once dinner and the washing up are over with, I will be putting my feet up for the evening. Another evening in front of the TV I reckon.

Chat soon xx

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