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Monday, 14 November 2011

Bridge No. 13 to Hinkley Bridge No. 16.

Hi Folks.

Bridge No. 13 to Hinkley 1.25 miles in 30 minutes.

Awake with the birdsong, we were going to head for Hinkley, so an early start was not called for, so we took a leisurely approach to getting up and getting the morning chores done. Paddy got a run out across the field, he then got a good brushing done with his new brush, he looked really smart afterwards and a couple of handfuls of hair lighter. The back cabin stove was stoked up and ash pan emptied before we were ready for the off.

We set off at 9.20am on what was an overcast morning, with no breeze to speak of. The hope was that we would find some room to moor near Nutts Bridge and low and behold there was room on the 48 hour mooring, so we pulled in and moored up on the ringed mooring. As we were tying up Karen off of NB Gilbert the chandlery boat came walking down the towpath with four dogs and two cats following on. We caught up with all her news as we haven’t seen each other for a couple of years. We may see Ian later, he was working.

With the boat all locked up, I donned my rucksack and we walked up into Hinckley to do some shopping and to have a look around. Hinkley like so many other towns is feeling the strain of the economic problems which we are all affected by, but it is a lovely little town with a long history. Hinkley began life as a Saxon Settlement. In the 19th century industry was dominated by hand weavers, but later in the 19th century it was changed to steam powered frames, which meant that Hinkley saw an up turn in its trade. The Ashby Canal opened in 1804 and in 1862 Hinckley was connected to Nuneaton by railway by 1863 this was extended to Leicester.

In 1835 the first Hansom cab was made in Hinckley . The hansom cab took its name from the architect Joseph Hansom (1803-1882). The hansom cabs could be seen all over Britain.


There is a court named after the Hansom Cab.

Having walked around quite a bit, we found a nice little café for a coffee and some toast, Keith felt a little peckish and I am not one to turn down a bit to eat.


We walked up to see the Museum housed in a row of half-timbered thatched cottages dating from the seventeenth century. It was closed as it only opens Easter Monday to the end of October. We did know though that the museum illustrates the history of Hinckley and district from pre-historic to modern times, including the hosiery and footwear industries, so maybe another time we will get to look inside.

On our way back through the town, I bought  some bread, vegetables, eggs, and a gammon joint which we will go into the freeze and we will have it for Christmas. The street market was in full swing, with veg stalls, Christmas cards, clothing and much more. On Friday they are going to switch on the Christmas lights, so that should be a good evening for anyone who wants to go along. We walked back to the boat, I guess it is about a 20 minute walk at a steady pace. If you only want a paper, loaf of bread or a few bits there is a Londis much closer to Bridge 16, but we wanted to see Hinkley so did the walk.

Back on the boat I made us some lunch using some of the rolls we bought in town. It was then time to stoke the fire ready for dinner. I now have my feet up and film4 on.

Oh talking about TV, it is fantastic to Have "I'm A Celebrity" back on and to see Freddie Starr. I have seen him live a couple of times and thought he was fantastic. Although he has only been in the jungle five minutes and he has landed himself in hospital, after a reaction to something. I hope he will be ok to continue in the jungle, because I have a feeling he may spice things up a little. I also love Willie Carson.

Ok off now Chat soon xx

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