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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Hillmorton Locks to Rugby.

Hi Folks.

Hillmorton Locks to Rugby 3.2 miles, 3 locks in 1 hour 25 minutes.


Awake early, a cuppa in bed and the fire stoked our thoughts turned to the days cruise. We were going to head to Rugby because there was the prospect of rain for the afternoon, we had to hope there would be a mooring to get supplies at Tesco, which is near the canal. With all the morning chores done, I went and set the first of the three locks, whilst Keith moved the boat. There was nothing else on the move coming towards us, so the locks were all ours. As I opened the lock gate, I spotted the Buzzard in the photo above. It had been down in the field eating breakfast, when it flew up on to the fence post. I so wish my photo was clearer, but I could not get a good enough view through the hedge. As we got down to the second lock I said good morning to the BW lockie, who was getting ready for the days jobs, he very kindly did the gate for me, so I could walk on down to the third lock to get it ready.

We had a lovely cruise into Rugby enjoying the scenery, which becomes industrialised as you get closer to the town. Keith dropped me off at  Boughton Road Bridge, so I could walk to the Rugby moorings to see if there was anywhere to moor, and low and behold who should I see there but Maffi on NB Milly M and just mooring up Colin and Tina on NB Go For It. We need not have worried out moorings because there was plenty of room, so I rang Keith, letting the phone ring three times, which is a system we use occasionally, this let him know there was a place to moor. Keith arrived and pulled in front of Maffi. All moored up we had a quick chat with him, before we set off with our rucksacks to Tesco for a food shop, which actually filled five bags, but this will last us for a good two weeks. I got on with stowing the shopping away, which always seems to be the woman's job, unless your a single male of course. With the cupboards, fridge and freezer stuffed full again, it was time to think about lunch, but not before chatting to our fellow bloggers. Across the cut Colin and Tina came back from their Tesco shop and were setting off for Braunston, so we wished them well and will surely see them again in a few weeks. Moored behind Maffi, I spotted NB Like Ducks 2 Water, which belongs to Stein and Jacquie, they are also bloggers who we have yet to meet, so I am hoping to say hello to them before we move off tomorrow. I did pop over to their boat, but there was no one there.

After some much needed lunch, we walked to Halfords to buy a replacement radio aerial, because our has broken and even though it works having been stuck together with glue and gagger tape, we feel the need to buy a new one. Thankfully they had the one we wanted, but to be completely sure we asked if they would take it out of the packaging so we could try it first, which they happily did and hey presto it fitted. We left them with the packaging and said a cheery goodbye. We also popped into Pets At Home to buy a bag of cat litter for Marmite and a new brush for Paddy. Just like in Tesco the store was full of Christmas stuff, but instead of food, it was treats and clothing for your pets. Yes I said clothing, not just dog coats, but jumpers etc, etc. I cannot see the need personally. We left the store with our purchases and headed back to the boat. The TV aerial is up, but we can only get the BBC channels, so that will have to do. I am feeling ever so slightly pooped now, so will be putting my feet up after cooking dinner, feeding mog and dog, washing up, stoking the fire for the night and making the bed. There is never a dull life is there????

Chat soon xx

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