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Friday, 18 November 2011

Shenton to Shackerstone.

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Hi Folks.

Shenton to Shackerstone 5.4 miles in 2 hours 15 minutes.

I do so love it when I manage to sleep in, and this morning was one such day. I opened my eyes to see 7 o'clock and Keith climbing over the top of me, he was heading to the bathroom and to put the kettle on.

With the morning jobs done, Paddy walked and fed along with Marmite, we were ready for the off at 9.25am, with a view to taking a leisurely cruise to Shackerstone.


We said goodbye to our overnight mooring and headed off into a cloudy but mild morning.


It is a very picturesque stretch, with nice views across farmland. My only wish for today was that a steam train would come thundering along the Shackerstone to Shenton railway track, but as they are not running now until Christmas time, this was never going to happen, but hey a girl can dream. It would have made my morning complete.


Time for a snooze. Its a hard live being a sheep.

It was not long before we could see Shackerstone church.


On arriving at Shackerstone's moorings, we tried to moor up along the stretch just before the bend and the aqueduct, but no matter how Keith tried, he could not get us near the bank, so we were going to be at least a foot from the bank still a foot out from the bank. Which would have been ok for the weekend. We moored up, closed the boat up against a chilling breeze and I began to cook something for dinner. Once the meat was in the back cabin stove, I lit the saloon stove to warm the bathroom up for our showers later. I then decided to walk  around to the visitor moorings, where the historic working boats moor for the Shackerstone Festival every year, to see if there was any room there for Tuesday, as we are having a Tesco food delivery, to find that 75% of the moorings had been given over to winter moorings. So much for British Waterways only allocating 50% of the moorings over to winter moorers. I got chatting to a gentleman on NB Benrin, before I new it Keith had walked round to see what was going on, he must have thought I had been kidnapped LOL. We found a vacant mooring right before the 48 hour moorings, which was not being used for the winter moorings, so we moved Hadar off the shallow mooring and on to the deeper water mooring, this will do us nicely for a few days.

Lunch has been consumed and the boat is nice and cosy. Film4 is on the TV and all is very good in my world today, well when I say good I am suffering with my darn sciatica again, so must try and get that under control over the weekend. Not sure what we have planned, but I am sure I will write about it.

Chat soon xx

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