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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Grimes Bridge No. 26 to Coventry Basin.

Hi Folks.

Grimes Bridge No. 26 to Coventry Basin, 11.4 miles, 1 lock in 4 hours 15 minutes.

It was another damp and dreary morning, which made it rather a chilly start. I slept like a log as did the other half, so we were raring to go this morning after I had walked Paddy, made up the back cabin stove, fed Paddy and Marmite and got the boat ready for the off.


We left our over night mooring at 9.10am and headed off into the gloom. We pasted Les Wilson Narrowboats and then for the first mile we plodded past lots of moored boats on the offside. Nothing it seemed was on the move, but as we approached the golf course and a narrowing in the canal, we met two boats, one we did not know but the second boat was NB Chance owned by Doug and James. I knew we would meet them today, because Doug had left me a message on the blog yesterday.


We only had the time for a quick hello and what our plans were, before we were all on our way. Doug and James are heading for Brinklow, so if you see them give them a wave. Next time I hope we will get to have a proper chat and a cuppa, as my kettle is always on.

It was not long before we were close to Hawkesbury Junction, we had thought of mooring up, but with it only being 10.30am we decided to carry on to Coventry. As we approached Sutton Stop Lock, coming out of the lock was Ann and Keith on NB Oakfield. They are on their way to Braunston, so once again if you see them give them a wave. We had a quick natter as we passed each other, wished them a Merry Christmas and I then stepped off of the boat to work the lock, which was pretty much ready anyway, because NB Oakfield had just left it.


We turned on to the Coventry canal and immediately stopped at the sanitary station to empty one of the toilet cassettes. Hawkesbury Junction is looking a bit of a tip. Maffi had reported on his blog about the bins not being emptied, well Maffi if your reading this, nothing has changed.


It is sad to see a historic site looking so tired and unloved.

Having emptied the loo cassette, we were on our way to Coventry. The last time we came this way was some six years ago when we had our other boat Misty Lady, so I was looking to see if there had been any changes. No sooner we left Hawkesbury we met Roy off of NB Gerald No13, he and Thomas (Whippet) were walking back to their boat having been shopping, Roy is heading for Braunston.


There have been a lot of new houses built alongside the canal. We also passed by the Ricoh Arena, home of Coventry football club, when we came six years ago this was still being built. Just a shame you cannot see it very well from the canal.

We arrived at the basin.


We winded and moored up. It was nice to be back and we look forward to going into the city tomorrow. We may have been forgiven for not ever coming back to Coventry after our last couple of visits, because on the first occasion we were shot with an air pistol, thankfully the shot missed us but hit our boat. The youths were caught and punished. Then the second time, we were kept awake by youths using the rubbish bins as drums, this stopped after the police came and arrested them for disturbing the peace. I am ever hopeful that this time we will have a peaceful stay. Nothing would ever put us off coming to Coventry because it is a beautiful city and I am looking forward to going to the Cathedrals again and to the huge market with my shopping list. Also moored up in the basin is NB Like Ducks 2 Water, so we may see Jacquie and Stein again.

Off to have coffee and lunch now. Chat soon xx

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