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Sunday, 6 November 2011

The day after the night before.

Hi Folks.

Saturday evening being Firework Night was always going to be a bit noisy, but little did we realise that we would have a couple of fireworks displays right near the boat. Serves us right for mooring near a small village duhhhhhhh. Paddy was really very good through out the hour or so and Marmite just wandered around the boat, wondering where the noise was coming from. I actually think over the years they have got better at coping with it, maybe it is something to do with the fact that we have ignored their behaviour and just carry on as normal, but with the TV turned up a tad for affect. I took the opportunity to stand out on the back counter to watch some of the fireworks going off at the bow of the boat, just had to have my firework fix for the year, I cannot stop being a big kid. I don't think we ever truly grow up when it comes to watching fireworks. I enjoyed an evening of TV and yes I was one of the few watching some of the X-Factor. I seriously think that Frankie Cocozza will be one of the ones heading home tonight. Tonight is a double eviction along with Frankie I can see either Kitty or Johnny going. Sadly Frankie does himself no favours with his antic off stage, I get the impression he is not taking it seriously and Gary Barlow spoke of that when he had a pet take with Frankie. But who really knows the public are fickle. I am amazed that people can actually afford to vote on such programs. My favourites at the moment are Marcus Collins and Misha B. After the X-Factor, I had the back cabin stove to make up, the bed to put down to air, the washing up to do and a general tidy before it was time for bed.

I greeted Sunday morning with a cup of tea, and a peek out of the back cabin door, to reveal a slight mist and heavy frost. With it only being 6.30am, there was no way I was getting up after all it was a Sunday, so I crawled back beneath the duvet and snuggled down for another hour and a half, I was then woken by a shaft of sunlight beaming under the slide of the back cabin doors. This meant the mist had cleared and we would be having a sunny day. By 8.30am Paddy was getting restless, so I got up and dressed in order to take him out. Marmite was asleep on her bed in the engine room, she was probably up most of the night watching for life outside through the porthole. Whilst Paddy and enjoyed our walk along the towpath, Keith was on the boat cooking us a breakfast of Sausages, Bacon and poached Eggs on Toast which went down a treat.

I have no major plans for the day, except to chill out and relax, after all it is a Sunday. I have a homemade Chicken and Vegetable soup cooking on the back cabin stove at the moment, which although I say it myself smells fantastic. We will be enjoying that shortly, I think I will then see what is on the TV film wise. But who knows what may happen as the day moves forward. So have a good day chat soon xx

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