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Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Sunday stroll.

Hi Folks.

remember them

A day of remembrance for everyone to remember those who have lost their lives.

This morning we sat up in bed drinking tea, whilst watching TV, such luxury when you are not working.

Whilst I walked Paddy, Keith got on with making us both Mushrooms on Toast, which was as always rather yummy. At 10am we were donning our walking boots and gaitors to go walking and Paddy made his intention known that he wanted to come, so having gathered together our cameras and put Paddy's lead on, we set off to find the site of the Medieval Village of Stretton Baskerville. We crossed over bridge 13 and walked across the field along the footpath.


The village was called Stratone in the Domesday Book of 1086, but by 1474 it was deserted. The landowner Henry Smith turned out all the residents and turned the land to grazing. Unfortunately when we got there, there was was nothing to see, but a dip in the ground. In all we walked 1.8 miles on a beautiful Autumn day. The sun was shining and there was no wind.


Paddy thoroughly enjoyed his walk across the fields. He managed to do the whole walk without collapsing in a heap, which was fantastic. He is sleeping it off now though.


On walking back to bridge 12 we saw a lone fisherman.


It was hard to believe we were in Autumn, because it was very warm for the time of year.


We we got back to Bridge 13 I was really annoyed because the tree by the bridge was festooned in cider cans. Now when I picked up the litter yesterday they were not there, so someone left them over night Grrrrrrrrr. After getting back to the boat and having lunch, I went out with a bag and collected them in, in all I found 14 empty cans.

What is wrong with people, why do they feel the need to litter our countryside???

Whilst out I went looking for the Redwing which we saw whilst out walking, but unfortunately they had flown off, but I did see a Red Admiral Butterfly, who must be very confused with this mild weather.


Back on the boat, Paddy was snoozing as was Marmite, Keith was on his computer and I had dinner to prepare. So there was no rest for the wicked. Well done to Lewis Hamilton for winning the F1 race, it was nice to have someone else standing on the podium.

I am going to put my feet up for five minutes, then it is on with the evening chores. Chat soon xx

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