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Monday, 21 November 2011

Another week closer.

Hi Folks.

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Sunday. Mine was filled with boat chores, drinking coffee and of course watching a movie or two. The morning began with the usual things, walking dog etc, Keith did us poached eggs on toast before I got into a cleaning mode, which included hovering inside the boat to get rid of dog hairs coal dust and anything else unsightly, once that was achieved I washed the floors in the saloon and galley, no mop required, I just got down on my hands and knees and did the job. Both the fires got stoked up ready for the day ahead, whilst I did this Keith was cleaning out the fridge, I think there had been something growing in the bottom draw ewwwww. I had just begun washing some of the plates in the back cabin, when there was a knock on the cabin. I poked my head out of the engine room door and found Sally and Philip standing there. Philip is one of our Facebook friends, who we had yet to meet, that of course changed with them coming to visit. They are looking to buy a boat, so they can like us continuously cruise the UK waterways, but are struggling to sell their double mobile home at the moment. The problem at the moment is as we know everything is struggling, and that includes the housing and boat market. It is a buyers market, but unless they can sell their home, they cannot buy a boat. I invited them in for a cuppa and we whiled away a couple of hours chatting about all things boats. We hope to see them out on the water next year.

After lunch with all jobs done it was time to put my feet up and watch a Film4 movie, this was done whilst I cooked dinner and kept the fires burning. The one thing I find is I never sit still for long; there is always something that needs doing, whether it is cooking, cleaning or just making coffee. So that was Sunday, which finished up with me watching “X-Factor”, well I did not expect Craig to go, I thought perhaps Janet, but they are all so good now it is never going to be easy. I then watched “I’m A Celebrity” where of course the public voted for Sinitta to do the live bush tucker trial. Do these celebes never learn, if you show you are scared you will get voted for all the trials, that is how sadistic the general public are who have nothing better to waste their money on. They say there is a recession, well clearly not when it comes to voting for things on the TV.

My posting another week closer, refers to Christmas. The TV ads are flooded with things that many cannot afford and with food that will give you a heart burn or worse a heart attack. Do I sound like Christmas grump? Well perhaps I am, but for me the Christmas spirit has gone, it is all to commercial these days. Bring back the simple Christmas I say.

Monday and a misty old morning, but not as foggy as yesterday morning. A quiet old morning, I did the usual morning jobs, plus making Lemon Chicken for dinner, which we will have with rice. Keith got on with sorting out a sticky oil pressure valve. After some soup for lunch, I went out with my camera to photograph the bird life using our feeders.


A Coal Tit was making sort work of the fat ball.


Another then joined it on the peanuts.


The Blue Tits were around in abundance as always. They are always the first to come to the feeders.


Having noticed the coast was clear the Great Tit then came in for something to eat. The only one missing was the Long Tailed Tit, which was probably around earlier, because I had seen them feeding yesterday.


Another visitor was the Greenfinch, who was more interested in the peanuts than the seeds, which they normally go for. Whilst I was watching the birds coming to the feeders, overhead hundreds of Redwings flew over, their chatter was incredibly loud filling the air. I wonder where they were off too?

We have moved from our weekend mooring and moved on to the 48 hour moorings on the other side of Bridge 52, Turn Bridge because we are having a Tesco food delivery tomorrow afternoon, and it is an idea place to take the order on.

Not a busy day by any means, but a nice one all the same. Chat soon xx

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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome and tea. we hope to get the chance to meet again and get more tips off keith. thanks again. X


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